Oregon's New Marijuana Home Delivery Program Cruises On

The Beaver State also boasts the nation's cheapest weed.

Procuring high-end pot in Oregon recently became much more convenient. New home delivery permits granted to licensed retailers by the Oregon Liquor Control Board in 2016, which became valid last month, have seen use by more than 100 licensed retailers. Indeed, there are some stipulations that apply. 

From Portland's NBC affiliate, KGW:

"Marijuana retailers can only deliver within the city they're licensed in. The marijuana must be transported in a locked box and secured to the delivery vehicle, which can carry no more than $3,000 worth of product at a time. Retailers can't deliver product to places like motels, campgrounds or dorms, just residential homes."

Oregon voters legalized recreational cannabis consumption, possession, and cultivation in 2015, and a recreational retail program went live in July of last year. The updated, and automobile-empowered direct-to-consumer model is another "first," for Oregon within the legal cannabis space, following a marijuana plant competition hosted by the Oregon State Fair in July. 

“It's super exciting,” Spencer Krutzler, manager of La Cannaisseur, one of Portland's first licensed delivery retailers told KGW. “I definitely expect to see a smile on everyone's face when we show up to that front door.”

Oregon also has the nation's least expensive cannabis, with ounces of that dope and legal devil lettuce selling for less than $300, and going even as low as $117, according to an online calculator of the country's going weed prices.

Not only can consumers find a dank-ass deal on bud in the Beaver State, but cannabis is seemingly found everywhere in Oregon, once showing up in a portable toilet, and in the background of pictures for an online listing of a Portland home to-be-sold.