San Francisco Will Soon Have An Official Office Of Cannabis

The new SF government weed office is lit AF, and could be home to some seemingly rad jobs.

When new laws are passed at the state level––laws which will impact the daily lives of residents and businesses, state governments will traditionally establish a regulatory board or commission tasked with the associated oversight of the legislation. So, following the November 2016-passing of California's adult-use recreational marijuana law, which made weed legal to possess, use, grow, buy, and sell via regulated retail stores, in the Golden State, California established an official Office of Cannabis.

The legal dope “one-stop" office is to be located in San Francisco, a few hours southwest of Sacramento, the state capitol. 

The cannabis office will oversee the administering of operating permits for both medical and recreational dispensaries, serve as a conduit between the industry and necessary state regulatory agencies, handle the sure-to-come residential complaints, and serve as an information hub for the general public.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, the office now in charge of regulating just how lit the Bay City will be, will operate using resources procured with funds from a $700,000 budget. Of the total funds, $207,677 of that government cheddar is to be set aside, for compensation of the eventual staff of the yet-to-be-determined Director of the Office of Cannabis. The director, with the held of two more employees, has until November 1 to propose permit fees to the SF Board of Supervisors.  

The creation of the new office is timely, considering that city officials are still meeting to work out how the local weed industry will operate under Prop 64, and propose regulations relevant to the new state weed law, which also grants local governments permission to enact legal pot marketplaces. 

Currently, the city has 39 permitted dispensaries, with 28 still pending applications, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. While the SF Planning Commission will also soon discuss the possibility of a moratorium on issuing new business permits to weed businesses, at least temporarily, and until the state's recreational marijuana law is firmly in place. 

Despite being a “one-stop” office, San Francisco’s marijuana regulations are also being handled and discussed with the city’s Supervisors, Planning Commission, and through the newly extended Cannabis Legalization Task force, which will continue to operate through the end of 2018.

Other legal cities have established similar offices, such as Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, or Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board, which oversees everything from licensing. to marijuana traceability, to monitoring seed to sale activity.