Sean Spicer: Expect 'Greater Enforcement' Against Recreational Legal Weed

But wtf does Sean Spicer know anyway?

Speaking to reporters during a Thursday, February 23, media briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer delivered what may turn out to be problematic news for states that have legalized recreational, adult-use marijuana.

Noting that “there’s a big difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana,” Donald Trump’s primary media surrogate went on to say, “I believe you are going to see greater enforcement” of federal anti-cannabis laws in weed-legal states.

This focusing of federal law-enforcement resources on marijuana prosecutions appears to align with the viewpoints of Trump’s Attorney General and his heads of Homeland Security and Department of Health and Human Services, all of whom view cannabis use as a gateway drug to grievous narcotic addiction and a failed United States foreign policy.

From Sun Times Extract:

Spicer suggested that the country has enough on its plate with the “opioid crisis,” and that “the last thing” we should be doing is encouraging recreational cannabis use.

Spicer’s opinion, though apparently prevalent at the cabinet level of the Trump Administration, is countered by the reasoning of many informed observers.