The Nevada State Senator Was the State's First Legal Weed Customer

But you still can't buy pot on the Vegas strip.

Legal recreational weed sales began in Nevada on Saturday, making it the fifth state in which of age adults can currently purchase the drug for recreational blazing. On Saturday, long lines of reportedly eager-to-be-legally elevated consumers formed at dozens of marijuana dispensaries in different parts of the state.

Indeed, according to a press release from The+Source Dispensary, state Senator Tick Sagerbloom scooped some of the the first legal weed in the whole state:

Photo via The+Source

“State Senator Tick Segerblom made the store's first purchase, buying a pre-rolled joint of his namesake strain, Segerblom Haze. . . Jolley and Segerblom welcomed the eager crowds before opening the doors. ‘We’re excited to end marijuana prohibition statewide and welcome everyone to the first day of retail sales,’ Jolley said. . . ‘Our patients, the community and our local government have worked tirelessly to implement this new program.’”

The Senator––who was reportedly a major contributor to state legalization efforts––is seemingly stocking up on trees, as Segerbloom was also the first customer at the Las Vegas-located Reef Dispensary.

But still, despite voters approving the state’s recreational law in November of last year, buying and selling legal weed on the Las Vegas strip remains no-chill. Which, is partially because the Las Vegas gaming commission came out hard against marijuana, and even instructed casinos not to get involved in the industry, saying that because of drug’s federally illegal status, selling it wouldn’t be a good look. As a result, the Las Vegas weed world moved downtown.

Furthermore, speculators say tourists visiting the state purely to procure and consume legal cannabis will make up more than 60 percent of overall weed sales.