Think of Jeff Sessions as Donald Trump's Revenge on Legal Pot

New Attorney General probably just as bad as he seems for cannabis.

Senator Jeff Sessions, President-elect Donald Trump's pick for Attorney General, has triggered a surge of cautionary editorials in politics and policy and mainstream news outlets.

Trump's selection of Sessions was made public in mid-November. The general media consensus, after some serious thought, seems to be that the Republican junior Senator from Alabama in the role of federal law enforcement's top cop is a worst-case scenario for the legal cannabis industry.

Kindland advanced that premise the day after Trump put Sessions into play.

Prior to the November 8 election, when pressed on issues of weed, Trump alluded to a consensus that medical marijuana was a good thing. He indicated that recreational cannabis policies were a state-by-state issue.

Beyond his stated pre-election position, the President-elect is a lifelong businessman. He is presumed to have a keen appreciation of profitability and revenue streams. If logical conclusions were the newly elected President's driving motivation, he could be expected to support the burgeoning regulated-weed industries.

Unfortunately for cannabis entrepreneur's peace of mind, logic is not the only force that drives Donald Trump. There is a sense that he does not like to be crossed, and—ask Rosie O'Donnell—does not easily allow bygones to be bygones.

Guess who crossed him?