This Week in Drugs: UNGASS Fails, Internet Wins 4/20, More...

Another seven days in substances and society.

The U.N. Drug Chats Didn't Accomplish Much
Reports of the U.N. General Assembly Special Session on Drugs (UNGASS) held in New York City Tuesday point to no major change in how world governments deal with drugs. Global leaders discussing everything from how to handle the world's opioid epidemic to the death penalty––a punishment Indonesia enforces for certain drug offenses––led to confusion, disagreement, and non-action. [VICE]

Nearly the Entire Internet Came Out of the Cannabis Closet on 4/20
Broadly trafficked some fire weed content all day and live-blazed over Facebook from L.A. Meanwhile, The Cannabist took readers to weed weddings, rallies, college campuses, and the dispensary. Techies over at Mashable got lit and played with virtual reality.  

These Foods and (Not-Fun) Drugs Will Cause You to Fail a Drug Test
Everything from cold medicine to poppyseed bagels could be cause to rush out to the nearest smoke shop and waste $35 on some fake piss. Even granola bars might lead to testing positive for the ganja, a/k/a THC, because hemp seeds. [ATTN]

Study Says Small Amount of Psilocybin Makes Life Less Painful
Researchers at the University of Zurich discovered that peering into the void for just a sec can make bad vibes such as pain and exclusion less painful and isolating. In their words: "Taking a small amount of psilocybin changes the processing of social conflicts in the brain."  [Science Daily]

It’s a Great Time to Be a Weed Dealer in New York City
Gray area medical markets leave room for less-than-savory cannabis vendors to serve a high-demand customer base and leverage them to pay even higher prices. [VICE]

Image via faithann/VSCO

There Is a New Way to Test the Potency of Pot Brownies
Science came through at the American Chemical Society conference on Tuesday, where researchers proposed a new method for that recurring dilemma of determining THC content in edibles. "Essentially, what we're recommending is to take the cannabis product and freeze-dry it with dry ice or liquid nitrogen." [NPR]

Don’t Say You’re Buying a Round of Brews for ISIS on Venmo
Unless you want a freeze on your funds, calling your rent dough "ISIS beer money" on a payment-processing platform watched over and abused by the feds is something you prob shouldn’t do. Just as you wouldn’t say the word bomb on an airplane––except of course in the context of letting the airline know how f*cking bomb.com its new zesty ranch snack mix is. [Inverse]

Just So You Know, Growing Weed is Bad for the Environment
So like, let’s figure out a way for legal weed to grow/go global without killing the globe. [CityLab]