Toronto Police Raid Pot Shops Again

Running through The Six with it's weed woes, again.

Toronto police executed raids on four of the city's medical marijuana dispensaries, Thursday. The crackdown comes not more than one month after "Project Claudia," the May sting that shuttered 43 weed shops, and resulted in the arrest of 90 people. 

Toronto police chief Mark Saunders told the Toronto Star  that the raids––which included the downtown Toronto location of Cannabis Culture, owned and operated by longtime activists, Marc and Jodie Emery––were carried out "due to health concerns over the 'unknown and unregulated amount of THC in dispensary weed and edibles, as well as residents’ complaints about pot shops’ proximity to schools." 

Friday, Emery reopened the raided Cannabis Culture location, according to Global News.  

Alan Gertner, founder of Tokyo Smoke, a Toronto-based, high-end head shop and cannabis experience brand, which was unaffected by Thursday's raids, says his company licenses its brand of weed to legal growers in Canada, (a community of 30 licensed cultivation outfits currently exists), but doesn't sell any bud at the retail storefront. Gertner says the Canadian cannabis community is essentially jumping-the-gun on a not-yet-legal market. 

"In Canada, the retail sale of marijuana is still federally illegal," Gertner tells The KIND. "Canadians are anxious to purchase cannabis legally, but we don't yet have a mechanism for the retail distribution of marijuana––recreational or medical," Gertner says. "Which creates an overall vibe of confusion." 

And until that confusion clears up, and cannabis is legalized on a national level, raids will continue to happen.