Wu-Tang's RZA Calls Out all the Young White Male Weed Millionaires

Never known for diluting a point of view, Wu-Tang Clan producer-rapper RZA dropped a Trump bomb on Sway Calloway's Sway in the Morning radio show, then glided into the minefield that is privileged pale men becoming millionaires in a field pioneered by young African American entrepreneurs while it was still illegal.

“While Mr. Trump is a fellow New Yorker and a great businessman and really has done great for his family, I don’t see that politically and on a world stage being great for our country,” observes RZA (known to his birth certificate as Robert Fitzgerald Diggs), before noting that to this day he is held back at customs screenings while traveling—over a weed infraction from 1988.

From Jezebel:

 “If that’s the law that’s the law, but when you look at nine states right now, where young white men are becoming millionaires from selling weed, from an industry that we built,” says RZA.
“Even though it was a criminal industry, it was an industry we built. And now these young men and corporations are about to make millions and millions of dollars on it and nobody’s going to go to jail for it. And yet, we got kids that’s sitting in jail from the same entrepreneurship.” 

One thing RZA leaves unsaid is that no one can predict how many people, crossing how many demographics, might soon be sitting in jail for participating in the legal-weed economy under a Donald Trump presidency.