420 Survival Kit: 6 Weedy Essentials to Win the Day

All of the essentials you need to remain elevated and in one piece, on el día de la mota.

At some point in the last five or so decades, the weed gods decided that April 20 would become the de facto day to celebrate all things cannabis. Indeed, there are a few different “origin stories” in regard to how the cannabis conviviality first came to be. To be sure, though, the common denominator among each varying stoner saga is that on the twentieth day of April, the word of the day is weed. Still, as marijuana matures, if you will, and our inner stoner evolves into a modern cannabis consumer (but like, is down to dab) the basics one requires to float steadily from morning to noon to 4:20 to night on April 20 haven’t really changed all that much.

Frankly, though, most of the products that might appeal to the weed demographic have only become more user-friendly in recent years. And on 4/20, amid the Green Revolution where brands enter the game weekly and state-by-state medical and recreational marijuana laws take effect––the degree to which one may get lit increases by several orders of magnitude. But I digress. 

One such slanger of cool cannabis-centric product offerings is Stashbox. The Colorado-based subscription service teamed up with KINDLAND to present the below list of 4/20 essentials. Keep scrolling for everything you need in your 4/20 survival kit.

RYOT 420 Multi-Tool

Basically this is a Swiss army knife, but like, for weed. The stainless steel multi-utility tool from RYOT comes with a silicone scoop, concentrate fork, curved scoop, mini-grinder, bottle opener, flat head Driver, detail hook, a poker, a flat scoop for that crumble, and even a tamper.

The Dipper, by Dipstick Vapes

As we’ve waxed on about previously:

“This portable vaporizer device combines the ease-of-use of a vape pen, and the weedy punch of a traditional dab. Dipstick's Dipper is multi-functional. Users load wax into the pen's straw, press a button on the battery as if it were a traditional vape-pen, but when the user inhales, the experience is more akin to a dab taken using a rig and a torch. Though regular vape functionality is also made possible using the device and just requires one to switch out the Dipper's atomizer.”

Some Weedy Things To Read

There's nothing like a good read once the high kicks in. Start with our site (um, duh) on your mobile device, then move onto these other heady zines and mags.

Cali Crusher 4-Piece Pocket Grinder

A top-of-the-line grinder you can stash away without taking up too much space in your bag. The bottom chamber lets users store keef to be sprinkled upon bowls at a later date, which will certainly get you chiefed AF. 

Incredible M420 Steamroller

Looks like a sex toy from space, and smokes like a dream––the classic steamroller just got revamped with a modern design. The portable smoking device also contains a filtration system so users enjoy potent and flavorful hits, sans the chesty coughs. 

KIVA Terra Espresso Beans

These will not be one of those edibles that leaves you unexpectedly useless at the most inopportune time. The beans, which contain 5 mg of THC each (and the perfect punch of caffeine), are the ideal edible to top off your high and keep you peaking throughout the day.