8 Weedy Sex Goodies to Make This Valentine’s Day Lit

Weed and sex make an unbeatable combo.

Whether you’re into a lot of kink or a lot of basic, you’re probably trying to get laid on Valentine’s Day. And whether you’re beholden to a forever lover or trying to score with a new temporary soul mate, you’d probably agree that weed makes everything better. Why not indulge your senses (and your partner’s too!) on this lovey-dovey holiday? Try out these weedy, and some wild, pot-infused and pot-inspired sex toys and treats.

Cannabis-enhanced bliss really is the best way to enlightened love…or sex, at least.

Wet Dream

Get the wet out of your dreams and into your lover this Valentine’s Day with this sexy strain. It’s a mad cross between Blue Dream and Ocean Haze (omg how romantic does that sound??). Not only will it get your senses going, it encourages creativity. What better place than to get really fucking creative than in the bedroom? Happy sexing.

KIVA Weed Chocolate

Do not get your sex pal a box of chocolates unless that chocolate is pumped with the finest cannabis. Try KIVA chocolates for a full range of doses and flavors. Thoughtfulness and tasty chocolate are always an underwear dropper; so get buying and get to the dropping already. NSFW: Melt this chocolate into hot body syrup for tongue Pleasuretown, and then, let us know how that turns out, okay? Get it here

hmbldt Arouse Dose Pen

Guessssss whaaaaaat this weed pen does? It makes you aroused! For real. The people behind this perfect pen say that this thing "uses a precise terpene blend featuring linalool and farnesene to help you feel aroused and enhance your excitement naturally." Also, it comes with 200 doses; so try not to use is all in one night (*WINK*). Get it here

Lowell Farms Cannabis Floral Bouquet

Dude, forget boring flowers this year and opt for the most beautiful cannabis bouquet for your lover. Not only do these (limited) flower bundles smell dank, but they are laced with wildflowers, eucalyptus, and real weed--an ounce of Purple Princess to be exact. Nothing says 'I love you' like a bundle of long-stem cannabis buds, right? And, there are still a few left for Angelenos on a first come first serve basis, so get 'em fast! Get it here

Peter Piper Pecker Puffer Glass Pipe Dildo

According to some porn sites and sex stores online, glass sex toys are pretty safe and durable. This, however, is actual pipe/dildo does double duty: You can dildo your friend and then maybe smoke from them too? The Peter Piper Dildo folks claim that “unless your vagina is made of cement” this thing will last to give you the best, weedy, orgasm of your life. (Hey, please let us know how this one turns out, too??). Get it here.

Ganja Vibes Weed Leaf Vibrator

This is a safe and pure, totally natural, quality vibrator that is shaped like a fucking pot leaf. Seriously, this thing is made to impress, and if you use this as your secret weapon on V-Day, you might find yourself accidentally proposing or doing something else totally insane. It’s that good. And, hey, it’s pretty cute too. For maximum intensity, try pairing this with a fat bong toke before use. Get it here.

Foria Weed Lube

This cannabis-infused lube boasts of facilitating the wettest, chilliest, best, cosmic, and lit sex of all time. Or at least, it should. A little dab goes a long way with this magical potion that brings partners together—literally. Try it out this Valentine’s Day for what Foria calls ancient plant medicine to activate deep healing and unlock profound pleasures. MMmmhmmmyaassss. Get it here.

Cannacondom Cannabis Flavored Condom

At a cannabis-smelling-flavored condom is a great way to convince someone to at least look at the condom. And, hey, once the condom is already out, maybe you’ll just get lucky enough to use the damn thing. Practice makes perfect. And, if you still need more coaxing, try smoking out your lover. People always appreciate that. Get it here.

As always, keep it weedy and kinky this Valentine's Day. Whether you're looking to try something new or ride the Relaxation Train into Pleasure Town this most sensual of holidays, keep it uniquely you. With all the cannabis brands looking to cater to your sexy needs this day and age, why wouldn't you?