All Of The Cannabis Brands Backed By Berner

The rap-artist-turned-marijuana-mogul has become a highly cogent personality within the California weed scene.

Over the last decade, the rap-artist-turned-marijuana-mogul Gilbert Milam Jr., AKA Berner, has gone from just another rapper with a penchant for pot to one of the most influential and highly cogent personalities within the California weed scene.

Since before Wiz Khalifa signed him to his Taylor Gang label in 2012, Berner's music has been inspired by his unabashed cannabis consumption––something he has in common with a large number of his fanbase. In fact, his weed regularly receives shoutouts on tracks by everyone from Chris Brown and Khalifa to ATL's Migos. But somewhere along the line, the NorCal-based Berner grew his weed business operations and is now a driving force behind many of the industry’s most popular brands––Cookies, Exotikz, KoKoNuggz, Santa Cruz Shredder, Hemp2O Water, and the YouTube series “Marijuana Mania.”

And since California voters approved recreational legalization last November, Berner’s portfolio of companies has been growing quickly (and in some cases, expanding across state lines) while also ramping up production and output alongside the growing consumer demand.

Photo: Shane O'Neil

“Whether it be the clothing, or the music, or any other endeavor that I have, all I do is work,” Berner said in an interview promoting his recent collaborative effort with the Los Angeles-based Jungle Boys grow-op. "I feel like the marijuana industry is kind of led by California, and I feel like we really can say that we’ve got California.”

Starting his career in the cannabis industry more than 10 years ago as a budtender at a San Francisco dispensary, Berner's skin in the weed game extends to tons of brands. Whether he's slanging his own flower strains, a hempseed-infused water available at big box retailers such as Costco and Target, grinders, or extracts, he's constantly tapped into the weed biz.

That said, it should come as no surprise his weed businesses reportedly rake in more than $10 million annually. Keep scrolling to learn more about some of his most notable cannabis brands. 

Cookies SF

With more than 30 hybrid strains, nearly 100 extracts, and dozens of edibles to choose from, this dispensary is the be-all and end-all of weedy superstores. Though the flagship Cookies SF dispensary slangs that fire from a modest and welcoming location in San Francisco's Mission District, Cookies SF flower products can be found at dispensaries statewide, as well as Washington, Arizona, and Nevada. 


"Exotikz allows us to just have fun and kind of do what we want to do," says Ivan, Berner's partner and Jungle Boys front man. Between this legendary duo, you know the weed is going to all-around top-shelf. "It’s the best of the best of everything," Ivan told reporters. Honestly, we'd expect nothing less. 


Though Berner's KoKoNuggz chocolates are named after different strains of his weed, look like actual nugs, and are sold in jars that would normally contain the chronic, KoKoNuggz are not infused with any THC or CBD. Though the sweet and weedy treat is blowing up on Instagram, so there's something to be said for that. Sidenote: KoKoNuggz, if you're reading this please send a care package to the KINDLAND offices!

Santa Cruz Shredder

Largely considered one of the best grinders on the market, Santa Cruz Shredders are a necessary instrument for any cannabis connoisseur's weed toolbox. And while you're perusing the multi-colored lineup of high-grade grinding machines, you might as well check out the equally futuristic dabbing devices while you're at it. 

Hemp2O Water

As if you needed a new excuse to swing by Target and Costco, now there's CBD water that looks just like the sports drink you used to drink after soccer practice. Only this stuff is packed with vitamins, leaves out the sugar, and will leave you feeling chill AF after just one bottle. 

"Marijuana Mania"

The video series follows Berner through the many facets of the weed world. And, surprise, surprise, the show has its own flower strain named after it. Smoke a little beforehand and you just might find yourself dipping into the best kind of YouTube video k-hole.