All The Weed Things You'll Need to Stay Lit This Memorial Day

KINDLAND's official Memorial Day survival kit.

Memorial Day weekend is typically filled with barbecues, parades, air shows, and all things Americana. Aside from being a long weekend, Memorial Day is a time to reflect and remember those who have given their lives in order to protect our freedoms    so in part we can have and benefit from legal marijuana.

So, after taking a moment of silence, keep scrolling for a list of essential cannabis products that will also empower you to put one in the air for the departed men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces past, present, and future. 

KIN SLIPS Cloud Buster Sublinguals

What: A thin, sublingual (which means it dissolves on and/or under one’s tongue) infused edible. It's like a Listerine breath strip, except its weed. And instead of killing bad-breath-causing germs, it elevates your state of mind and gets you lit.
Where: A handful of Northern and Southern California medical marijuana dispensaries. Find the full list here.
Fun Fact: This is the cannabis product for the incognito marijuana consumer, the suave-yet-mysterious “bad boy,” or anyone seeking to operate in “weed stealth mode.”

Goldleaf Patient Journal

What: The Goldleaf Patient Journal is a beautifully designed means of documenting your cannabis consumption––a good way to keep tabs on your weed intake, and reflect on each smoke sesh for further insight into why and how you consume.
Where: The company is based in Ohio, and began as a way for marijuana cultivators to document the process of growing weed. Goldleaf expanded its product line to include the patient journal. You can pick up your own patient journal straight from the source, here
Fun Fact: You can learn a lot about yourself from journaling your cannabis consumption. 

Hmbldt Dose Pens

What: Hmbldt, based in California, seeks to provide consumers with a sleekly designed, portable means of delivering the “perfect” dose of it’s high-end, targeted formula blends of cannabis oil. Hmbldt offers a few different targeted formulas, which elicit predictable, consistent highs, such as: Calm, Bliss, Arouse, and Sleep.
Where: The dose pens are available at medical marijuana dispensaries in the Golden State.
Fun Fact: According to the brand’s Chief Science Officer Samantha Miller, the hmbldt dose pens “contain no fillers, or additives, other than the cannabinoid extract and terpenes. The formulas and the device come together in a great marriage to provide the targeted effects of the formula, applied in controlled doses.”

Cloudious9 Hydrology9

What: The Silicon Valley-based brand used “design and technology to mold the best elements of bongs and vaporizers, to craft a hybrid product unique unto itself.” The vaporizer-bong hybrid is roughly the size of an energy drink can, and enables on-the-go vaping, and incorporates the functionality of water bong.
Where: Get your own Hydrology9 here.
Fun Fact: Throw a Hydrology9 in your bag this Memorial Day and whatever you end up doing––having a BBQ, going to the beach, staying in bed all day––it will likely be a memorable and elevated experience.

Lord Jones CBD Pain + Wellness Body Lotion

What: The brand makes a high-level CBD topical lotion perfect for cooling down your body's biggest organ––your skin, sicko!––after a hot day in the sun. Each 50ml/1.7oz bottle of this bod-cooling cream contains 100mg of CBD and 20mg of THC––so even your skin will feel slightly elevated.
Where: Procure your own here.
Fun Fact: According to Lord Jones co-founder Rob Rosenheck, the inspiration for the brand's cannabis line was to appeal to the Whole Foods shopper who works out at Equinox. "We wanted the topicals to look like they’d be at home on a counter at Barney’s," Rosenheck said to KINDLAND.

Hot Nife Sativa

What: Memorial Day weekend, in our eyes at least, is the official start to summer. So what better way to usher in summery goodness than with an ultra-sleek Hot Nife Sativa pen?
Where: The brand just launched (with a skate ramp at Cannabis Cup no less), but you can still find them in select SoCal dispensaries.
Fun Fact: With the official slogan of "It's a good time, for a good time," you're pretty much guaranteed to have a dope time this Memorial Day weekend. 

Island Premiums

What: It's Memorial Day weekend, you've got some memory-making and honoring of fallen members of the armed services to do. You don't have time to roll your own jay-birds. The Island Premiums look, feel, and weigh nearly as much as your traditional Class A nicotine cancer sticks. But instead of tobacco, the Premiums are stuffed to capacity with high-end dank weed.
Where: The Island brand says it does its thing––making premium cannabis cigarettes––in celebration of "innovators, artists, creators, explorers and adventurers." You can grab a pack of eight here.
Fun Fact: Pair these with a good read on the beach.

Sippy Buddie Buner

What: Clean, simple, no frills glass bubblers and bongs.
Where: The little buddies begin at $35 for retail or subscribe to our friends at StashBox for $30, and get one for free the next month. #homiehookup
Fun Fact: Might as well pack one up for us while you're at it. It's just a thought.