AuBox: A Beautiful, Golden Gift for the Cannabis Connoisseur

This is another subscription box you won't want to miss.

Send your friend an AuBox, and they'll be your friend forever. Well, maybe not. But the seeming prevailing logic at AuBox HQ is: How much cool cannabis gear can we fit into one box, and still present the whole package in a beautiful fashion? 

“I’m trying to make it a little more glamorous, a little more easy to accept and a little less stoner,” AuBox founder Jessica Veerstag told Observer of her inspiration for launching what has been described as the "Birchbox" for weed. AuBox delivers via post curated collections of cannabis goods that cater to the high-end lifestyle weed consumer. There is also the option to order products á la carte. 

The company partnered with online medical marijuana recommendation provider HelloMD; so customers––the box is available currently to mmj patients in Los Angeles and San Francisco––can stay legal.  

The box KINDLAND received came packed with CBD-infused body butter, vaporizer pens, hash––like real-deal, blonde, crumbly, dabbable hash. It had a cute four-pack of peanut butter and chocolate squares, infused with 120 mg of THC. And marshmallows that had one of our editors feeling soft and sweet. The aesthetic of the actual packaging and the varied product selection truly set the AuBox brand apart from its many competitors in the subscription service space. 

We felt conveying this sentiment would best be done with a DSLR camera and the golden, natural light that pours in through the windows of KINDLAND's downtown Los Angeles office. So before sampling our AuBox selections, we shot some photographs of our favorites. 

All photos by Ben Parker Karris for KINDLAND.