Beija Flor's Cannabis Flower Is Some Of The Best Weed Under The Sun

The Mendocino County-based farm's proprietary strains are grown using techniques honed over multiple generations.

A hand-rolled joint is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Fill that joint with organic cannabis flower from the Golden State’s time-honored Emerald Triangle and you’re truly consuming an artisanal treat. This experience is what Beija Flor, of Mendocino County, strives to provide. 

“One of the things we’re doing here is farming in a way that is very low impact,” Beija Flor’s cultivar told KINDLAND over the phone. “I’m using locally sourced compost as well as sourcing compost from rare animal preserves, such as gazelles and giraffes from Africa, for our soil mixes.”

Such craftsmanship and respect for nature is reflected in Beija Flor’s flower and handcrafted pre-rolls. The latter are sold as gift packs, which come boxed and ready to light up. And while many producers in California’s legal cannabis space are merely capitalizing on what has become a lucrative commodity, rest assured that Beija Flor is simply doing what they know best.