Chill/No-Chill: Glass Blunts

The blunt is one of the most traditional ways to consume THC. By rolling weed in one of the various tobacco leaves currently on the market, this time-honored method offers a chance to smoke a bunch of weed in one sesh, and impress a crowd with your rolling skills. But when the clock strikes zooted, and it's time to put one in the air––are you rolling up a fat Philly? Or splitting, gutting, and twisting up a cigarillo? Or is it time to bust out the borosilicate? Maker of paraphernalia, 7Pipe, is offering the cannabis community a hot take on glass pipes, in its blunt product, the Twisty. 

Watch the brand video above––which shows millennial marijuana users blazing down some Twisty glass L's, set to music seemingly ripped from a commercial for a family cruise line(?). 

Then ask yourself: Are glass blunts chill because weed is a drug (herb) best served on glass? Or no-chill, because grape 'rillos; the ritual of rolling up is half of the fun; and glass blunts kind of look more like crack pipes than dab rigs?