Curating Cannabis: Never Miss The Best 420 Accessories with Stashbox

Here's what you've missed out on by not being a Stashbox subscriber these last six months.

The list of ways to consume cannabis is seemingly endless. There are so many ways in which to enjoy marijuana, deciding just which one is right for you can be more difficult than it might seem. Of course, there are the basics, and you’ll likely know if you’re more into joints, as opposed to being a blunt babe, basically right off the bat. But for everything else, it might take more thought.

Here’s where Colorado-based subscription service Stashbox comes into the picture.

Stashbox offers cannabis enthusiasts, rookies, weed professionals and everyone in between, a personalized monthly subscription box, tailored based on consumption preferences and lifestyle.* The team at Stashbox finds, vets, and curates the latest and greatest lifestyle brands to help people find products they’ll love without having to go to the head shop, or waste money on a product they might not like, or even need. Here’s how it works: Each month, Stashbox sends a box to your doorstep with 5-8 hand-picked items, ranging from pipes and papers to munchies, tools, and fun accessories.

If you aren’t already a member of Stashbox, don’t worry. Signing up is pretty simple; and at only $30-per-month (though the stuff inside is worth way more), think of all of the money you’ll save that could go toward actual weed.

With that being said, keep scrolling for some of the most interesting Stashbox picks from the last six months.

February: American Helix Chillum

What it would normally cost: $39.99
What makes it so cool: The chillum is one of the most traditional consumption devices on the planet. The easy-to-use pipe has been employed by the people of India in order to consume cannabis, since the beginning of recorded history. This modern chillum pipe from Helix glass is small, portable, discreet, and to be frank, even looks hella neat. More than that, you'll be smoking from American-made glass, which makes you patriotic AF.

March: Monkey O's Trick Kit

What it would normally cost: $19.99
What makes it so cool: The makers of the Monkey O's Trick Kit say their product will help you "blow perfect and consistent smoke and vapor rings." This is seemingly the gadget for the person who is all about that vape life. Still, you don't have to be Titus Edwards, or Blake Vapes for that matter, in order to cop one and start doing dope tricks with your weed smoke. 

April: Ryot Smell Proof Small Hard Case

What it would normally cost: $13.00
What makes it so cool: This case from Ryot will protect your bowl from breakage while you are out there killing the game. Think of it like a sunglasses case, except, for your pipe. Next time you're packing the pipe in your backpack, so you can pack it up with weed once you arrive at your destination, rest assured that if its contained in this Ryot case, it will arrive safely. 

420 Adventure Kit (Honorable Mention)

This was a limited edition kit, which is NOT  included as part of the normal subscription box, but worth mentioning because of the cool stuff one will find on the inside. The 420 Adventure Kit, which features more than $350 worth of products from notable brands such as Dipstick Vapes, and Cali Crusher, is all yours for $275. 

June: Buddie Burners

What it would normally cost: $24.95
What makes it so cool: The Buddie Burner is lightweight, portable, and probably one of the best on-the-go pipes on the market. It even comes with a burlap satchel with which to carry said bowl, so you can discreetly medicate or elevate at all times. Think: Stoned shopping on Saturday afternoon, but like, in stealth mode. If the sunglasses-wearing emoji smoked cannabis, it would probably do so out of a Buddie Burner. 

July: T-H-SEE

What it would normally cost: $30.00
What makes it so cool: You're probably unsure as to why you would ever want to look at your cannabis flower under a magnified lens. Well, have you ever wondered why your weed buds have those little red hairs? Or what effect the amount of trichome crystals on each plant will have on your high? If so, the T-H-See will "show you what you can really see when you look at your weed in a new, meaningful way."

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July: Empire $100 Bill Rolling Papers

What it would normally cost: $7.00
Why it's so dope: Regular old rice and hemp rolling papers are basic. Just kidding. (Kind of) Anyway, the Empire $100 bill rolling papers empowers users to put one in the air for a revered former President. This is the joint paper for the comfortably boujie weed babe

August: Glowpipes

What it would normally cost: $20 - $45
Why it's so cool: Girl, your pipe GLOWS IN THE DARK! This is what weed was made for. Kind of? Maybe. Not really. But still,  Glowpipes will have you wowing your squad and smoking circle, and empowers one to smoke even when the lights go out, without losing the bowl.

August: Silicone Ashtray with Tool Holder

What it would normally cost: $19.99
Why it's so cool: Silicone is a very widely used material within the weed world. From the small, cute containers that hold your dispensary-bought concentrates, to being found in carb caps for dabbing––silicone is everywhere. Not only does this silicone ashtray have a pyramid you can use to tap out your bowl without breaking it, but the holed edge even doubles as a tool holder, which is perfect for lighters, dab tools, vape pens, etc... 

**Exclusive Announcement** September: Cali Crusher Glass Bubbler

What it would normally cost: $30
Why it's so cool: Cali Crusher has been making some of the best grinders for years. Now that the California-based brand is entering the world of glass, expect the same attention to detail in this easy to use, and experience enhancing, hand-held bubbler. It's like a bong, in that the water chamber provides you with a cooled-down, filtered hit, but its much smaller, like 10 times cuter, and way more portable. 

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