Doctor & Crook Co. Is The Evergreen State's Ultimate Green Plug

The Washington-based brand supplies both medical marijuana patients and recreational weed consumers with high-end product.

Washington may be known for growing some of the most fire apples around, but the Evergreen State is also home to some of the country's most thoughtfully cultivated (and equally fire) cannabis. 

A myriad of emerging weed brands, like Doctor & Crook Co. for instance, give weight to the above claim day in and day out. The cannabis collective that says it's "gone from being mavericks, secretly growing our crops off the grid, to being set up in a world-class high-tech Tier 3 growing facility" over more than a decade of raising craft cannabis. And whether you're into distillates, pre-rolls, flower, or wax, Doctor & Crook Co. wants to be your connect. 

According to the brand, "You’ll never need to take a teaspoon of sugar to make the medicine go down."