Finally, A Shoebox Safe To Hide Your Stash

First came the Nike safe, now comes an adidas version.

Sneaker fanatics lost their shit last summer when the home security innovators at Mandem Safe released personal safes specifically designed to hide in Nike shoeboxes. All you had to do was place the safe inside your favorite Nike shoebox, secure the lid, and lock the contraption with a small key to safely hide your stash.

The company’s latest twist on that instant classic is a safe with slightly different dimensions to fit perfectly in adidas and adidas Boost shoeboxes. The updated model—dubbed “Mandem Safe LX”—comes with a power-operated lid and a keycard entry system. There are also pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the safe if you’re feeling high-key James Bond and want to nail that puppy to the ground. Honestly, that’s not a bad idea if you’re stowing away some dank herb on the verge of extinction.

It’s about $250 more expensive than the Nike model, but hey, if you’re an adidas fan you’re probably already used to paying the price. You can order the Mandem Safe LX online for £380 GBP (that’s about $492 in plain old American dollars). Happy stashing.