G Pen Teams Up With NYC Graffiti Kingpin Stash For Street Artist Series

The collabo has yielded a decidedly dope installment of the G Pen Elite portable vaporizer.

No matter how much movement legal weed has made over the past decade, the marijuana scene is still very much a counter-culture subset across most of the country. Cannabis is consumed in alleyways behind apartment buildings, or late at night on empty streets, even if it also simultaneously being consumed via microdosing, by suburban moms in the living room. This sub rosa blazing is what has, and will, keep weed cool for generations to come.

So it's no real shock that weed and street art go together with as much synergism as beer and football. With one comes the other; the pairing is engrained in the core of what makes both sub-cultures respectively. 

And it's from this place of mutual admiration that G Pen launched it's Street Artist Series of limited edition vaporizers. 

For the inaugural collaboration, G Pen teamed up with famed Brooklyn based street artist Stash on a G Pen Elite. The portable vaporizer is draped in a custom pattern and housed in a spray paint stash can. The package is completed with a matching charging docking station, custom grinder card, resealable smell-proof bag, and exclusive Stash x G Pen enamel pins.

Peeps some of Stash's work above, and be sure to grab one of the vaporizers before they vanish into thin air.

Photos courtesy of G Pen.