Grow Weed or Tomatoes In Your Room With the Grobo

Because you don't need a farm to harvest your own medicine and produce.

Grobo,  a startup from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, envisions a home-grow scenario that has the modern human/cannabis consumer cultivating an individual supply of medicine and produce at home. The company's flagship product is pretty much the tightest-looking way to grow weed, or tomatoes, or other small plants––from your phone––and have a dope night-light at the same time. Users add seeds and nutrients to the Grobo, tell the Grobo-app which plant they're growing, then ask what it feels like to be the child of R2D2 and the Kuerig. The Grobo does the rest for the next two months, until harvest time.

Grobo was reportedly founded to increase access to medical marijuana in Canada, which up until recently, was completely illegalGrobo CEO/co-founder told The Verge, 

"We’re really just trying to make it as easy as possible for people to access fresh produce and medication."

The company says its futuristic grow-bot tech is the most-advanced home-grow solution in the space, giving one plant 18 hours of sunshine-per-day, via LED lighting, and using about half so much power as a refrigerator.