Hakuna Supply Is Thinking Outside The Box

The Southern California-based provider of curated cannabis goods boxes is raising the bar.

In an effort to cut through the noise of weed gear, and cannabis-ancillary product boxes, Hakuna Supply began offering a holistic approach that prizes high-end cannabis-ancillary products above all else. Included in the Los Angeles-based brand’s boxes are most of the requisite tools you need to really enjoy the herb––grinders, air-tight jars, papers, you name it. Hakuna Supply was even named best new product of the year by DOPE magazine.

“I really don’t know why/how it happened but I was in the shower thinking of a name, singing 'Hakuna Matata,' and then I just stopped, and I knew,” Hakuna Founder and CEO Ilan Freeman said to KINDLAND on his inspiration for the startup's namesake.

“I remember two years ago when I sold my first box on Amazon that there was pretty much no one selling cannabis boxes and now I feel like I see new company almost every week,” Freeman said, touching on the crowded subscription box space. “Hakuna Supply is not trying to reinvent the wheel. Our goal is to make a quality product, give back more than we take, and treat every person/situation with responsibility and integrity.”

One intriguing aspect about the Hakuna boxes is that the wooden storage devices come with a lock and key, a feature that should appeal to the cannabis consumer who also values privacy. And Freeman’s Hakuna aspires to be as sustainable as it can be. Included in the packaging is a plantable paper product that contains actual seeds––though not the kind you’re probably thinking.

“The seeds (which you can customize) are placed between two pieces of biodegradable paper,” Freeman told KINDLAND. “So, all you do is take the paper, or in this case our tag, plant it in fertile soil, water it consistently for a few weeks and voila, you will start to see a budding tree.”

Stay stocked up on everything you need to get down, thanks to Hakuna Supply, here