'Hermés of Marijuana' Beboe Launches With Star-Studded West Hollywood Dinner

The luxe new cannabis brand is already being embraced by A-List celebrities.

Seemingly everyone is into weed these days. From soccer moms to professional athletes and even celebrities––cannabis is becoming more mainstream than ever. This month, high-end marijuana brand Beboe, which makes vaporizers and edible weed products, hosted a dinner in West Hollywood in celebration of its launch, with a guest list that included Orlando Bloom, Lake Bell, and Justin Theroux. 

Benji Madden, Orlando Bloom, Justin Theroux, and Beboe's Co-founder Scott Campbell (via

Beboe, which was founded by renowned tattoo and fine artist Scott Campbell, and veteran of the fashion industry (and more recently Marley Naturals) Clement Kwan, is being described in the media as the “Hermés of marijuana.” The name of the brand was inspired by Campbell’s weed-brownie-baking grandmother, who reportedly made marijuana-infused foods for Campbell's mother during her fight with cancer. And though Beboe is certainly not the first pot brand that caters to a posh consumer demographic, the label is indeed being embraced by said clientele.

Beboe’s out-of-the-gate approval from the in-crowd is most certainly less happenstance and more of a sure thing because the brand’s founders are already fixtures within the haute culture. Whereas other “celebrity” cannabis endeavors have relied on the weed street cred of their namesakes to sell product––Tommy Chong’s Chong’s Choice, Willie Nelson’s Willie’s Reserve––Beboe represents a different kind of cool. 

According to the New York Times

“...the clout of Beboe’s founders gives it an unusual head start. Until last year, Mr. Kwan was the president of Yoox North America, the online luxury retailer; before that, he was the business projects manager for Dolce & Gabbana. Mr. Campbell, meanwhile, has inked the likes of Heath Ledger, Penélope Cruz and Marc Jacobs. He is married to the actress Lake Bell, and was the best man at Mr. Theroux’s wedding to Jennifer Aniston in 2015.”

For Beboe, the product itself could really be less crucial to the brand's success than the packaging it comes in and the people pushing it -- though we'd be surprised if that were the case. Campbell and Kwan are both self-described experienced cannabis growers, and everything about the brand's positioning and launch seems to emphasize luxury, nuance, and care. Hopefully the product will be true to the brand's own account of itself: "The finest cannabis treats made with the utmost care and respect for nature's imperceptible subtleties."

We look forward to looking in to that ourselves...

Assuredly, as cannabis increasingly enters the national discussion with legalization spreading state-by-state, Beboe and its competitors will still have to fight for space on retailer shelves, and meet regulatory and quality standards the same as any other marijuana product. 

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