High-End Ganja Chocolates Might Be Coming To A Mall Near You

Starting with San Francisco.

In another marker of marijuana’s transition into the mainstream, high-end weed chocolatier Défoncé has tentative plans to set up shop at the Westfield shopping mall in downtown San Francisco. According to SF Gate, an application filed with the SF Planning Department shows Défoncé is making moves to lease a 1,000-square-foot commercial space in the city’s largest retail hub. 

The cannabis-infused edibles company will have to get approval from the city before the deal is set in stone, and if they do, it will mark the first time a weed company has scored a brick-and-mortar spot at a major American mall, SF Gate reports.

If you’re not already familiar with the brand, Défoncé focuses on low-dose, gourmet edibles that value first-rate ingredients above all else—also their chocolate bars come in really cool geometric designs from the future. Like other boujie cannabis brands, the packaging is on point, and the products look as if they belong on the shelves of a luxury retailer such as Barney’s, or Neiman Marcus. Défoncé's attention to detail and ambitious marketing strategies are perfect examples of Weed 2.0 brands who are legitimizing the cannabis industry as a whole. 

For shopping centers that are struggling to retain tenants in the wake of Amazon and other online retailers, cannabis businesses in need of physical storefronts could be a saving grace. That said, only time will tell how these proposals pan out. As far as Défoncé’s tentative plans go, the SF Planning Department will come to a decision after formally reviewing their application on October 26.