Honey, They Shrunk The dosist Dose Pen

It's a mini version of one of the most innovative portable cannabis consumption devices in the game.

When dosist (formerly hmbldt) first released its dose pen™ 200 devices in September 2016, the California-based purveyor of targeted formula cannabis oil blends completely flipped the script on portable vaporizers. Featuring a unique design, a vibrating function to alert the user when the perfect dose is delivered, and formulas developed specifically to elicit a variety of feelings consistently, the dosist pens were like nothing anyone had seen (or smoked) previously. 

The brand's latest release, the dosist dose pen™ 50, packs that same proprietary fire via 50 doses of dosist's signature targeted formula blends––Bliss, Sleep, Calm, Relief, and Passion and Arouse, which are best for after-dark consumption

“Our goal is to continue to offer a therapeutic option that is safe and non-toxic, making health accessible for everyone, and the dose pen™ 50 supports this vision," Gunner Winston, hmbldt's CEO, said in a press release for the 50 product suite. "This new product  offering fits our user’s lifestyle, it is easy to take on-the-go, and the more affordable price point allows users to experience the full range of formulas."

As of now, you can find the pint-sized pens in a dozen Golden State dispensaries with more to come on October 25. And for $40 a piece, they're just about half the price of the flagship dose pen™ 200, making the dosist dose pen™ 50 a perfect and affordable introduction to the brand's unique blends. 

"The dose pen™ 50 was developed to offer increased access and options to patients looking to treat everything from pain relief to anxiety," reads the hmbldt release. "The unprecedented dose pen technology combined with hmbldt’s formulations of cannabinoids and terpenes, ensures patients will have a reliable and repeatable experience."

And the KINDLAND editorial board really wants one of each blend––just putting that out there.