Hot Nife's Endless Summer Is Only Just Beginning

Autumn may be making its debut, but Hot Nife delivers SoCal summer feels all year long.

You know that calm, wavy feeling you get when you puff on a fresh vape pen? At the press of a button, a cartridge full of cannabis oil becomes vapor, you inhale, and almost immediately begin to feel a cool high coming on.  Suddenly, everything is ok. Life's a beach and the waves are looking alright.

Hot Nife knows all about that groovy feeling. From Southern California, the brand is dropping its debut line of THC-oil cartridges, which celebrate weed in all of its psychoactive and intoxicatingly sweet glory. 

Hot Nife's debut line of pens are sold in kits called Complete Capsules, which come fully loaded with all of the hardware and product you need to start getting lit: a strain-specific cartridge, battery, and charger. The THC-oil blends are made from cannabis sourced from "pesticide-free small farms" made in small batches using a process that is "focused on refinement that keeps the whole plant extract intact allowing for a full flavor profile and the benefits of the terpenes and cannabinoids." 

Hot Nife also offers a high-THC LIT pen for those who wear their weed-loving heart on their sleeve, AKA those seeking a more "intense experience." 

Find where to pick up some Hot Nife complete capsule kits and cartridges for yourself here.