How to Pull Off a Perfect Cannabis-Infused Spa Date, at Home

The best date of your life can happen right where you live.

It doesn’t matter if you and your lover met online three weekends back, or if you’ve been soul-mating for years; the time is right for treating one another to a DIY, stay-at-home spa date. And if the pair of you, coincidentally, tend to enjoy cannabis from time-to-time, the mutually pampering experience can be taken to a super-high peak of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Soothing marijuana-scented candles set the mood. Chill vape pens will click you into relaxation mode, ready to take on the basics of a romantic, weed-imbued mental reset. Deep-cleansing cannabis-face masks, pot body scrubs, infused massage oils, and cannabinoid-rich creams will leave your skin supple, tingling and smooth—and fire up your inner glow.

Step 1: Light a Candle, Spark a Joint

To prep the space, light a few aromatic cannabis-scented candles. The wick-and-wax combo won’t get the pair of you stoned, but shortly after the flames cast their comforting light and scents into the room, a sense of well-being will flicker to life. Arrange fragrant canna-candles, which can be found online and in boutiques, interspersed with unscented tea candles throughout the house for added atmosphere. Finally, light and share a slim joint within the realm of the candles.

Your evening of shared self-care is ready to begin.

Step Two: Detoxify Your Face With a Dope Mask

Most weed-infused exfoliants and topicals aren't psychoactive at all; so don’t worry about losing your mind while treating your face. For a personal touch, you can make this pore-purging mixture on your own. Block out a few hours on an evening before your spa-date-night. In preparing the blend, avocado and yogurt work great as a base. Manuka honey is a wonderful binding agent that also contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The secret ingredient is, of course, THC oil—which is purported to eliminate acne, fill wrinkles, and reverse the aging process. Naturally, CBD-infused honey has a few tricks up its sleeve as well. 

Once the masks are on, take a few puffs from your favorite vape or dose pen and watch a movie or an episode of your favorite show—talk world domination strategies if that's your thing. Pretty much just stick to any activity that is low-stress and requires little motion. A glass of wine tends to go well with a mask; so pour two of those and remove the masks while sipping.

If you don't have the time or resources to make a THC-oil mask at home, you can always find it online. Just be sure to top it all off with a luxurious, hemp-infused serum

Step Three: Medicated Massages

Now that you’re feeling relaxed, ascend to the summit of chillness with a medicated-massage exchange that is simultaneously bonding and freeing. Apply your favorite infused body emulsion liberally. Colorado-based Apothecanna has a line of calming creams made from organic, vegan, essential oils.

It shouldn't matter which of you starts off as the active massager and which body is worked on first. The important thing is to experience the give and take of both positions. There is something about returning the favor of a vigorous massage to someone you're enchanted with that is far more satisfying than a session with a professional masseur.

Step Four: Moisturizer and Dessert

You've both come out of the shower. You've treated your limbs to Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer (or a comparable product). You're ready to wind down from your wind down.

Dessert is always an option. And on a weed-infused date, this proclamation couldn’t be more true. 

Light a fire, or dim the lights. Finally––medicated or otherwise––choose your favorite sweets, cakes, cookies, and coffee to pair with a sensuous indica nightcap bowl. 

This out of the box guide to the high life was created in partnership with Stashbox.