Ikea Wants You to Grow Weed at Home

The future of weed is in your windowsill.

Forget wild marijuana weeds sprouting up in your mom’s backyards because the future of homegrown cannabis is high-tech and it’s happening now.

Ikea will sell affordable counter-top hydroponic growers for your kitchen counter top starting in April 2016. And while the marketing behind the new gadget will focus on growing organic veggies in your own home, the gear can be used, or at least considered, for weed.

Or at least, someone (very smart) at Ikea has at least thought of organic, table-top weed, right?

Hydroponics is basically the fancy way for growers to cultivate large amounts of food (or weed) in small spaces using only light and water, and no soil. Hydroponic lovers like growing this way because it saves on water and allows for year-round cultivation. We already do this with things like kale and weed.

Ikea is the first major company to get down with hydroponics. The KRYDDA/VÄXER series allows people to grow their own lettuces and herbs right in their kitchens, year-round. It was developed with the help of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

“The challenge was to make growing plants in a hydroponic system simple so that anyone could succeed, ” Helena Karlén of Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences says. 

Though the exact cannabis growing conditions might not be covered by this user-friendly, accessible Ikea hydroponics farm, it’s one step closer to big companies getting a jump on what could turn into affordable grow kits for the masses.

There are already plenty of companies that specialize in grow kits, but none have been bought up by giant corporations (re: Ikea) just yet, or have Ikea's mass-market prices. Think: Hotbox.Farm, Clone Shipper, and Gorilla Grow Tent.  

Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before Target and Ikea take over the homegrown weed industry. Hey, we want cheap stuff, and these giant conglomerates have mastered cheap and massive production.

And according to Ikea all you need is water, light and love.