Is the Frost Pipe the Chillest Drug Paraphernalia of All Time?

"G*d Damn, That's Chill!"

Cooling down weed smoke with cold water and ice is common practice. The process usually involves dropping a few frosty cubes into the ice-catcher portion of a bong, normally about three quarters down the length of the bong's tube. Curious cannabis consumers have no doubt attempted to freeze their glass in pursuit of the ultimate and non-cough-inducing rip, but the extreme temperature difference between a glass bowl and the flame used to spark up its contents will likely result in the glass cracking, which is decidedly zero chill.

But what if your pipe was actually made of ice? Enter the Frost Pipe, the pipe you can make with ice. 

The Frost Pipe begins as a rectangular mold to be filled with water (or some other freezable and possibly flavored liquid) by the user. Once the icey pipe is frozen, all the user needs to do is pack it up with some fire nugs, and it's ready to go. 

Share your fully-packed Frost Pipe with your squad and bring new meaning to the phrase "bros icing bros." 

The Frost Pipe costs $25 plus shipping.