Just Herb Is Just Downright Good Weed

High quality, handcrafted cannabis––you just can't go wrong with Just Herb.

Alright, picture this: It's early afternoon, you're feeling kind of sluggish from lunch and staying up late the night before. You could definitely power-up via soda pop and risk crashing out just a few hours later. You could drink some coffee, and depending on the roast or the brew or the beans, you'll feel the same dunzo vibes in a matter of hours. 

Or you could do it right and pack a bowl with the hyrbid strains of Just Herb handcrafted cannabis flower. (Or dab the California-based brand's concentrates, ya feel me?) In no time at all you're back in action because Just Herb is fire. They would know, because according to them, cultivating good weed starts at the seed. 

"We buy seeds only from a reputable cannabis seed bank or sources we are in personal contact with who share our level of quality," reads the brand's website. "That way we have been able to consistently produce excellent quality buds."

But in the modern marijuana space, just having a good product isn't the only box brands should be checking off before slanging their cannabis goods. Packaging design is key. And Just Herb hits the mark with each of its products. The flower comes in airtight, sealed glass jars with the potency and quality test results included on the labeling. The concentrates come encased in bouji (meant as a compliment) little boxes with the same information on the tag. Which is all to say you can feel justified knowing you're packing the real deal––Just Herb, that is.