Kids Can Grow Cannabis Now, Too

'My First Grow' is more for education than large-scale cultivation.

As access to cannabis opens up, information around the herb becomes less hazy. 

Enter My First Grow, an introduction to cannabis cultivation for kids. The U.K. company producing this instructional agricultural kit joins a section of the marijuana industry that is innovating herbal home remedies. (A portion of the game that Ikea is seemingly keen to be a part of, as well.)

Of course, what sets My First Grow apart from similar pot-growing products is its target demographic. 

My First Grow creator Greg Lonsdale told Broadly of his inspiration for the kids' kit:

"The idea came from my four-year-old nephew: He was playing with his grow your own tomato kit and I jokingly said to my sister that she should get him a cannabis/hemp one so he learns about hemp as a resourceful plant as opposed to a dangerous drug—and she loved it, so I made it."

Image via My First Grow

The startup's mission statement clarifies the logic governing Lonsdale's grow-op starter pack: "We sell hemp growing kits. Hemp is part of the cannabis family but without the psychoactive properties; perfect for your child’s first grow." 

Good thing the entrepreneurial Brit stuck with hemp. Cannabis is still illegal in the United Kingdom and many other countries, including the one this post is being authored in––unless its author were to meet a host of qualifying medical conditions

So it goes.