Kin Slips Introduces Discreet Infused Strips for Weed Geeks

Weed that dissolves under your tongue.

News Flash: The weedy utopia of tomorrow has arrived and it's lit AF. We've got dabs, vaporizer pens, edibles, and oils. You can even experience the benefits of marijuana via topical lotions and creams. And that's not even the coolest cannabis consumption method out there in the vast, wild wild west of weed. 

Not when you consider Kin Slips, a super discreet sublingual strip, anyway. To put it simply, imagine a dime sized gel tab, capable of delivering a dose of cannabis almost immediately when dropped under your tongue. The strips carry subtle hints of fruit and herb flavors and come in CBD and THC blends derived from different terpenes found in the plant. 

Don't be fooled though; this consumption method is indeed different than a traditional edible in that sublingual consumption enables precise dosing. 

According to the California-based brand, which won the top honors in the sublingual category and best company branding in this year's DOPE magazine awards, "sublingual cannabis products . . . are pulled straight into the bloodstream through the membranes in the mouth. The onset only takes 10-15 minutes and the effects feel more like smoking than ingesting a traditional edible." 

See more of Kin Slips in the gallery above, and if you're reading this from California, get them delivered via Sava now