Kind Stash: How To Manage Your Weed Tools And Other Built-Up Pot Goods

To toss the roach, or re-roll it into a generation blunt? That is one of many questions.

A propensity for consuming cannabis will leave one with quite a collection of weedy goods. The building up of such an assemblage is especially true for the daily smoker, the career stoner, the veteran pot enthusiast. Indeed, growing a trove of weed accessories and other paraphernalia is not difficult for anyone who partakes––it just kind of happens

The build-up goes down, surely. Though, in the aftermath, which parts of these accumulated cannabis-adjacent materials should be designated as waste? And what weed gear should be reused, recycled, or otherwise given a second life?

If these are the questions that keep you awake at night, you've come to the right place. KINDLAND and Stashbox have all the tips––especially when it comes to weedy tool management.

For the dabbers of the world, amassing piles of wax-covered cotton swabs, alcohol-moistened cleaning wipes, and sticky table tops simply comes with the habit. For joint, spliff, and blunt connoisseurs, an ashtray filled with roaches and nearly roasted marijuana cigarettes can go from molehill to mountain in one afternoon. 

Roach Party (via)

So, for starters, say you're throwing a party, or you invited all of your keen-to-be-lit clique over for a sesh, and you want to clean up the smoking circle. Instead of just lifting up each piece of glass from the table, wiping away any collected ash or dust, and calling it a day, take inventory of your supplies. Silicone wax containers can see new life when you re-up, or can be kept on-hand as convenient and non-breakable carb caps. Recycle your old butane cans. Then organize everything you think you'll hang onto into a large container and ready it for cleaning––dabbing tools, nails, domes, domeless nails, etc... 

"This second-hand high is certainly not ideal, but it is better than a day of operating while not elevated."

Go through your ashtrays to separate any discarded roaches and fallen soldiers that could be reasonably saved and put them in a sealable container, such as a glass jar. This will fill up quicker than one might think, depending on the frequency at which one tokes. This seemingly benign chore is a good way to cut down on any present stale or foul stank. And once the jar is full, save it for a day when your disposable weed funds are low, unwrap each spliff-end and gimcrack, and roll the resonated, previously-been-blazed cannabis into a "generation blunt." This second-hand high is certainly not ideal, but it is better than a day of operating while not elevated. 

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Assuredly so, cleaning one's glass and bong collection is (only just a bit) more complicated than it seems. And knowing when you're due for new additions is an even trickier task. When making this decision, here's what you should consider: Evaluate your finances––can you really afford a new pipe? And do you really need it? If yes and yes, decide on a budget. Perhaps even look into the possibility of selling your old glass to supplement the cost of newer, headier paraphernalia. Online glass exchange Borobook is a good place to start. So is Instagram. 

For any consumable cannabis products, such as flower, wax, edibles, vape cartridges, etc... make sure to store them individually contained in a cool and mostly dry place. According to a KINDLAND editor who prefers the no-frills approach:

"The Cannador is a well-crafted wooden box with reusable glass containers to store your weed while keeping the drug fresh. The product works similarly to a cigar humidor, regulating the humidity in the box with a rechargeable bead system. " 

Other such storage systems are also available, but it's not like a buying a mini-fridge exclusively for weed stuff is necessarily a bad idea.  And when it comes to your stash of weed brownies, micro-dosable infused mints, and other edibles––just stick to the expiration date. Cannabis is magical, sure, but most marijuana products also have a shelf-life.

Following these tips won't keep your weed gear in mint condition forever and beyond. But it might just save you from becoming a high hoarder.