Lord Jones Is Bringing Class (and The Finest Edibles) To The Cannabis Industry

Its founder explains the how and why.

When I was 21, I went to a house party. And in typical house-party fashion, I ate a weedy Fruity Pebbles crispy treat that tasted like preservatives and dried moss. Of course, I didn’t ask anyone how strong a single square was until I saw a guy puking in a planter who’d only eaten a half. Needless to say, I went full Maureen Dowd and didn’t reach a comfortable high until 12 hours later.

Now that I’m older, I’m looking to have elevated experiences that are actually enjoyable. But more importantly, I want to feel fancy AF. Which is what brought me to the Lord Jones line of edibles and topicals. The packaging alone made me swoon, but it’s what’s inside that ultimately won me over.

I recently had a chat with Lord Jones co-founder Rob Rosenheck about the process of creating beautifully designed, user-friendly products. So instead of hearing me gab, here’s Rob.

KINDLAND: First of all, the packaging is gorgeous. Who designed it?
Rob Rosenheck:
We ran a creative agency for many years and Lord Jones grew out of that. So we have a whole team of people that we work with, but we created brands and packaging for a number of companies before we launched Lord Jones ourselves.

KINDLAND: Personally, I love that the edibles are low-dose. Is that something you knew you wanted to do from the beginning?
I’m not sure what varieties you have, but we do almost everything in a variety of different dosages. So we make 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, and 20mg THC doses. And then we also do a 5-to-1 ratio of CBD to THC, which has 10mg of CBD and 2mg of THC. And then we also do pure CBD that has no THC, so there’s a whole variety. I’m not sure if you consider 20mg a low dose, but that’s our highest dose. Now there are edible manufacturers who do things with 1,000mg in a cookie or a brownie, but the number one thing we wanted to do was control dosage and make a product that was safe, effective, consistent, and super high quality.

One of the ways we set out to accomplish that was rather than make a large candy bar or cookie or brownie that you would break up, which causes all kinds of confusion and inaccurate dosage, we wanted everything to be in a very discreet, individual serving size. So one piece of candy that would do for you what you wanted it to do, and then if you have a higher tolerance, we have the 20mg product. And if you’re a newcomer, you could do the 5mg product. And we recently introduced a 2.5mg product, which is an ultra-low dose, or a microdose.

So, yeah, the first thing we wanted to do was control dosage and demystify it and make it super user-friendly. The second thing we wanted to do was offer low-dose compared to what was out there in the market.

"We always like to think in terms of psychographics..."

KINDLAND: I mean, I definitely appreciate that and most of my friends who want to avoid a complete weed meltdown do, too. But what is your main demographic? Mostly women? Men? Who is the average Lord Jones customer?
We wanted to make a brand that was gender-neutral, but we particularly wanted to be sensitive that we were female-friendly. You know, I launched the company with my wife, Cindy, and she’s also my business partner, so she’s been involved in everything that we’ve done. So, I wanted the brand to be female-friendly, not necessarily a female brand.

And as far as our demographic, we always like to think in terms of psychographics instead of demographics. A demographic is, you know, what’s your gender, what’s your age, where do you live, etc. And psychographics are more like a mindset or a set of values, which can cross demographics. That way you can have an older person who sees the world in a similar way to a younger person and they share a psychographic.

"We wanted the topicals to look like they’d be at home on a counter at Barney’s..."

So we wanted people who were cannabis-curious and we wanted the brand to appeal to people who have never tried a cannabis edible before. And we wanted to make it safe and easy and welcoming for them. But we also wanted to appeal to cannabis connoisseurs who’ve tried everything and still haven’t found the ultimate. What links those people together is a desire for a best in class experience, a best in class brand, and very high-quality ingredients.

We really saw a big opportunity to elevate the whole cannabis category because at the time when we started, there really wasn’t anything like this. We also wanted to create the highest quality formulations on the market. So all the non-cannabis ingredients we use—single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate, European fruit essences, lotions created by one of the foremost cosmetics labs in the country—we wanted all of these to be the same kind of products we’d use outside the cannabis space. We wanted the topicals to look like they’d be at home on a counter at Barney’s and the edibles could be at a fine candy shop. We wanted to source the finest cannabis we could find as well.

"We wanted to appeal to Whole Foods shoppers and people who work out at Equinox..."

So when you put those things together—aspirational brand experience, the finest non-cannabis ingredients, and the finest cannabis—that would equal what we wanted Lord Jones to become. So the demographic we’re looking for are people who appreciate that. We wanted to appeal to Whole Foods shoppers and people who work out at Equinox, but who didn’t necessarily have their place in the cannabis world yet.

KINDLAND: I tried the high CBD topical after getting a sunburn that pretty much singed my entire body. And I have to say, my skin pretty much cleared up within a day of using it. I wasn’t expecting that. Have you been surprised by any of the uses people have found for the lotion?
Absolutely. I’m so glad you had that experience. So, we first developed the edibles, and then two, two-and-a-half years ago, I discovered the topicals. I wasn’t really that familiar with them. I have an ankle injury and I had bought a topical just to look at its packaging, just because we’re creative designers and product developers. I was in Denver actually when my ankle started acting up, and I put the topical on it and a few minutes later I was pain-free. And I was amazed.

So we started to develop our own topical and we developed it for pain because that’s the most commonly held usage. The topicals are an analgesic, anti-inflammatory for arthritis, pain, and sore muscles. Then we realized from our patients—because we operate our own collective called the Hollywood Hills Wellness Associations—that we could learn so much from them. We started to get all this feedback just like you just said. There are people who’ve had chemotherapy and they get extreme joint pain and we get testimonials and letters from them about it giving them joint relief. Then we had a friend who had psoriasis and we gave her the topical and she came back to us a week to ten days later and the psoriasis was completely gone. We didn’t know before then that it could treat skin conditions.

You know Jessica Seinfeld? Jerry Seinfeld’s wife? Well, you can go on her Instagram feed and she posted recently about it for bug bites.

You know Stacey London? So she has psoriatic arthritis, which is a very painful condition.

And then we discovered that it works for headaches. People with migraines would put the lotion on locally on the spot if it was on the back of their head or their neck. So, yeah, we were surprised to learn from our patients about all those things.

You can go on our Instagram and find all kinds of testimonials. Here’s one of my favorite ones…

So, we set out to make edibles and we ends up with this collective and all these patients with a whole variety of health issues and it’s the most rewarding part. You know, it’s fun to get high, we love to get high; but when you can relieve somebody’s pain, that’s really special.