Lord Jones Is Coming To The Standard Hotel In Hollywood

It'll be the first hotel-housed cannabis retailer in the U.S.

Everything that Lord Jones produces—from CBD-heavy gummies to luxurious infused topicals, gourmet chocolates, and trippy, otherworldly events—is pure gold in the eyes of KINDLAND editors. Naturally we were pretty effing excited to learn Lord Jones has teamed up with The Standard hotel to open a brick-and-mortar, in-house dispensary. 

The Lord Jones boutique––a first of its kind––will be located on the ground floor of The Standard hotel in Hollywood. And though the cannabis shop's TBD early 2018 opening date remains subject to approval from California regulators, there’s a lot for the Golden State's weed-inclined adults to look forward to. Lord Jones plans to make their retail flagship accessible to both visitors of the hotel and locals milling about on Sunset Boulevard. 

Ultimately, the brands say they’ll collaborate on co-branded THC and hemp-based products that will be integrated into the Standard guest experience. Fingers crossed that means weed-infused, travel-sized bottles of shampoo and CBD chocolates placed on guest pillows.

In a press release, Amar Lalvani, the CEO of Standard International, said:

“The Standard is proud to be at the forefront of this cultural shift, becoming the first hospitality company to enhance our guests’ experience in this manner. Cannabis is gaining enhanced relevancy as a key component of wellness, awareness and discovery. The Lord Jones dispensary will provide the finest cannabis products available seamlessly integrated into the Standard experience.” 

On a similar note, Lord Jones’ CEO, Robert Rosenheck, said the partnership aligns with the brand’s goal to “bring the cannabis movement into the mainstream.”

Which doesn't seem all that lofty considering Lord Jones is killing the game with regard to deluxe cannabis products that cater to a familiarity and experience just about everyone can enjoy.