Luxury Pot Products That Cost More Than any Basic Stoner Can Afford

A study says high-end aficionados can afford these finer things.

A recent study from Mine and Co. Studio revealed that cannabis consumers have a lot of dough to spend on luxury weed items. Mine and Co. concentrated on pot users who had purchased at least one "branded" cannabis product. Of those logo-conscious weed folks, 84 percent are employed full-time and 65 percent of this group have a household income of $75,000 or more. So, dayyyumm, it’s time to fork over some cash to make your weed life real, real luxurious, cus why not.

Now, more than ever, there are tons of products that fit the flossy lifestyle. Let's showcase a few pricey products that will make your friends live in full envy of your constant coolness. Or at least, will cause you to browse in envy and work harder to purchase the perfect glass bong you’ve always dreamed of.

What are you waiting for?

Octahedron Table Lighter $1,250

Designed by Andrew O. Hughes in Brooklyn, this geometric lighter and ashtray set looks like high-end art for your coffee table. The pieces are made from aqua-lavender dichroic glass, meaning the surface will change tint depending on how you look at it. The glass appears deep purple in sunlight and aqua in fluorescent light. It’s real cool and real expensive, but it’s handmade and qualifies as the ultimate luxury lighter and ashtray. Buy them here.

LEAF $3,000

Pretty soon you’ll be able to grow your own pot plants in the most technically sound system (maybe mini fridge) in your own house. The LEAF homegrow system features precise temperature and humidity control, automatic nutrient dosing, a BIOS LED light, and a smell-preventing carbon filter. The best part? The whole thing hooks up to your phone, and you can control it all with an app—from work, church, or school if you so please. Luxury at its finest. Buy it here

Pax 3 $275

This dual-use portable vaporizer can be employed with both loose leaf and extract. It’s also the favored (luxury) vape brand of real cannabis lovers. This thing is so sleek, so smooth, and so useful that it’s basically on the top of everyone’s wish lists. You can’t keep your personal presentation all luxury without sliding a Pax 3 into your shirt pocket. Buy it here.

Hitman Glass Straight Stack $1,000

The Hitman Stack is a highly technical piece made in collaboration with Leisure Glass; so you know it will do one heck of a job getting you high. This bong has five donut sections stacked on one another, and the whole system creates an internal recycle. Handmade in California, the piece is techy and fancy as fuck. Buy it here.

JvdF Solid Gold Joint Case $8,750

Nothing says you’re a baller like this (solid-fucking-gold) joint case. There’s just no classier way to hold two joints, right? You can even splurge for a custom engraving, and you should probably consider adding Baller to yours. Oh, and these make great gifts for all, obviously. Buy it here.

6-Strain Cannador $308

This humidor, errr Canndor, is perfect for keeping large amounts of herbs separated and fresh in the perfectly controlled environment. And, the tight seal keeps your space weed-smell free. Classy for sure, it comes in cherry or walnut with a solid wood mahogany interior. You’re basically a fancy Ron Burgundy when you store your weed in this super-tight case. Buy it here.

Au Box $100+ per month

Subscription boxes are all the rage—and now you can get one full of luxury weedy goodies. The Au Box on my desk came with fancy things like weed-infused coffee pods and weedy birthday cake marshmallows, and 24 carat gold rolling papers. The package itself is really pretty. There are cannabis condoms, and weedy body butter. Basically, the Au Box is a new supply of luxurious pot things every month. Now that sounds glorious. Buy it here.

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