Marijuana on Your Phone: 5 Hot Weed Apps

Hook it up.

There’s nothing more disheartening than to look at your phone’s home screen and realize you don’t have enough cannabis on there. Any time you have space to add a leafy, dank, green, and sunshiny icon to the field of corporate startup crests, it’s time to check out a roundup from the world of cannabis apps.

Try these five right here:

1) My Canary

My Canary is an app designed to tell you if you’re too stoned to drive. You might not see a need for this, but the app is officially endorsed by NORML. What the hell does My Canary do? The app pulls scientific data to determine what your personal performance will be like behind the wheel. It tests factors such as memory, balance, reaction, and time perception. My Canary promotes responsible cannabis consumption—and can also save you a trip to jail by determining if you are too baked to get behind the wheel of a steel automobile.

My Canary isn’t a free app (it costs $4.99), and a percentage or your app purchase will go toward responsible cannabis consumption initiatives at NORML. Well done!

2) Marijuana Handbook Lites

Consider the Marijuana Handbook Lite app like the Google of cannabis. The app provides a plethora of information for the medical marijuana user. Check this out: Marijuana Handbook Lite’s database contains information on 175 different strains of cannabis, more than 30 recipes for baking with weed, and a dictionary of terms. There’s more: Marijuana Handbook Lite also provides maps to nearby dispensaries. Marijuana Handbook Lite is like the Swiss Army Knife of cannabis knowledge and resources. Plus, the dictionary let’s you keep up on the latest lingo and slang from the world of cannabis. Helpful!

3) Every Strain

The name of this app gets right to the point: Every Strain is a guide for cannabis users to, well, every strain. Users can review each strain, which allows other patients/users to know their thoughts and judge them. Every Strain also allows you to keep a detailed log of your cannabis intake, which can help keep a patient on the medical ball. You can even add new strains that are missing from the app database and keep your community informed. Every Strain is informative and a great resource for medical patients. Still, it falls a little short when apps such as the Marijuana Handbook Lite take it all a step further.

4) Ultimate Weed Trivia

So here’s an app for the ultimate weed snob: The Ultimate Weed Trivia app allows you to test your weed brainiac prowess. Questions range from type of strains to general weed pop culture trivia. Do you know how the 4/20 holiday started? Who starred in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle? How good is your knowledge of cannabis chemistry

As you accumulate points along the way, the Ultimate Weed Trivia app lets you test your trivia skills via three levels: easy, medium, and hard. Challenge your friends or play alone. In the end, the Ultimate Weed Trivia app will determine if you are a ganja master.

5) HighThere!

Whenever there’s a really successful social network, niche markets always try to capitalize on it. That’s the case with the High There! App. Tinder’s extremely successful, right? Okay, so what if you created a Tinder—but it was for the cannabis community? That’s the basic premise of High There! Tinder for weed smokers. The look of the app resembles Tinder; except there are profile questions about weed. Even the name makes me cringe. You like weed. The stranger on the app likes weed. Why not a weed-infused booty call