Marijuana Tampons? Don't Mind if I Do

Say goodbye to cramps and hello to relaxation.

The ample medicinal uses of marijuana have just been expanded with the innovation of “weed tampons” to help relieve menstrual cramps and discomfort. Foria has harnessed weed's relaxing and pain-relieving properties and concentrated them into a suppository that the company claims is a safe and pure remedy containing only THC oil, CBD isolate, and organic cocoa butter.

Annie King, a 32-year-old actor, has just experienced the “weed tampon” first-hand. Though slightly trepidatious prior to using the product, Annie was very pleased with her results.

“I was a little nervous," King tells The KIND, "but more excited. It definitely reduced cramping and aided in relaxation. The Foria helps pain, for sure.”

The Foria suppositories were the first of their kind (predating a similar product line touted as a first by a cannabis entrepreneur group, Whoopi & Maya, that's fronted by Whoopi Goldberg) and have been suggested to be a helpful natural alternative drug that can reduce pain during childbirth and labor. The product is distinct from a tampon in that it is not marketed as device to capture menstrual flow, which is why Foria refrains from referring to its suppositories as tampons.

Still, users tend to slip into a looser vernacular. As Annie King notes, “I would definitely use the weed tampon again, not all the time though. It's kinda pricey! And would definitely recommend to friends.”

The Birth Institute, a private occupational institute on infant and maternal health, promotes and supports the use of marijuana as a form of pain-management for labor and childbirth and is interested in seeing the development of a safe product to disperse this method.

Foria Relief can be purchased online in addition to Foria Pleasure and Foria Explore, two of the company's other premier products. Foria Pleasure is a cannabis lubricant designed to amplify orgasm, and Explore is meant to enhance anal sex. Ladies who struggle with pain and cramps during their lunar cycle, or those looking to increase sexual pleasure, can seek assistance through Foria. Whether or not these products are for you, they are a step forward in the acceptance and progression of medicinal marijuana's uses.