Marley Natural's Birthday Blends Are Bob Marley's Latest, Greatest Hits

The signature cannabis brand's one-year-anniversary offerings get herb right.

The Marley Natural One-Year-Anniversary Limited Edition Herb Collection accomplishes everything the brand’s namesake could have hoped for when the company launched 12 months ago. Excellence is spot-on from package to product. The Africa-inspired design elements— including hand-drawn illustrations by Bob Marley’s former collaborator, art director, and friend, Neville Garrick––perfectly augment the earthy, colorful, bold herb within the jar. The limited edition Marley Natural brings early pot and reggae culture into the era of modern cannabis, where the weed scene is legal in some places, but still a strong indicator of rebel tendencies

“The limited edition collection is contemporary and nostalgic,” Jennifer Seo, assistant director at Los Angeles Patient Caregivers Group tells me. I stopped in to pick up the new Marley weed from the West Hollywood dispensary. A budtender says the new line is popular with patients at LAPCG, L.A.'s longest operating collective, which held a launch party for the limited edition collection over the weekend. 

Frankly, Seo is right. I’ve never been into celebrity weed brands, or celebrity brands in general. But I’m definitely into this line from Marley Natural. Garrick's artwork gives the collection, which retails at $40-per-eighth, the credibility that a weed brand named after one of cannabis culture's most notable personalities, and a global musical hero, requires. Simultaneously, the quality of the product is on par with any other highly engineered, highly potent, precision-dosed, or celebrity-endorsed cannabis brands currently on the market. 

Marley Black (Indica)

Strain: Jesse’s Girl
THCA: 14.7 percent
THC: 0.7 percent
CBD: 0 percent

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Marley Black indica buds are a deep shade of purple. Though the color of cannabis flower isn’t necessarily indicative of its quality, I’ve always subscribed to the logic that purple weed is the best weed. The THCA-dominant strain is rich in flavor, fruity, spicy––which feels weird to say about pot, but hey, I said it, and it's out there now––and is exactly what I needed on a Monday evening, after a weekend involving less sleep than previously hoped for. 

Marley Gold (Sativa)

Strain: Malawi 
THCA: 28.5 percent
THC: 1.2 percent
CBD: 0.0 percent

The Marley Natural branding says that Bob Marley and Neville Garrick, "first enjoyed this strain in 1980, during the Independence Tour stop in Zimbabwe. Soldiers fighting for Zimbabwe's independence brought him this rare, long-flowering pure sativa strain, wrapped in banana leaves." 

I try the Malawi, with my roommate, in the morning before we leave for work. I feel energized, but not wired; more optimistic than usual, and hopefully even more creative and inspired. The Malawi's earthy, rich flavor contrasts with the sweetness of a strawberry banana smoothie, and almost has me forgetting about a rogue pimple on the tip of my nose. I skip my usual post-breakfast cigarette and don't miss it. 

Marley Red (CBD)

Strain: Suzie Q
THCA: 0.6 percent
THC: 0.0 percent
CBD: 13.6 percent

So, as I'm lighting up the Marley Red Suzie-Q strain, I realize I know very little, if anything really, about reggae music. Aside from the obvious Marley/pop-culture classics, and a scattering of dancehall tracks, my familiarity with the reggae genre and lifestyle is nil. Indeed, Suzie-Q is crisp, and more flavorful than other CBD-dominant flowers I've had previously. I'm on the cusp of feeling groovy, but mostly just not anxious, and nearly content, as I search for some reggae records. I somehow land on Keith Hudson––who went to school with Bob Marley. Hudson's heavy organ-and-bass-soaked dub sounds carry me through the rest of my morning; provide a welcomed, but not entirely dissimilar, break from my beach goth routine; and could actually be the perfect pairing for this Marley marijuana.

Marley Green (Hybrid)

Strain: Sunset Sherbet
THCA: 26.8 percent
THC: 0.5 percent
CBD: 0.0 percent

Unfortunately, LAPCG was out of the Marley Green Sunset Sherbet hybrid, which the brand says "has a complex aroma featuring notes of citrus, skunk, and sweet berry;" so I was unable to sample this one. But if it's anything like the rest of the limited edition collection, I imagine harboring zero negative feelings toward the sweet green nugs. 

Collectively, the limited edition line of Marley Natural flower celebrate the brand's namesake and honors his legacy. More than that, the birthday blends are also a great example of how the uniqueness and variety of cannabis products currently available to consumers disrupts the traditionally held notion of a "weed stash." With so many options, and each product serving its own unique function, or marketed as being capable of delivering a targeted or intended effect, stock your personal supply as if it were a curated and diverse collection, rather than amassing a surplus of any one product. 

The Marley Natural limited-edition Anniversary Herb Collection can be found in the Bay Area at Harborside Health Center, CBCB, Phytologie and BASA. In the Los Angeles basin, seek out the Marley anniversary blends at LAPCG, Universal Collective, Beach Enlightenment, Compassionate Healing Center, and The Cannary.

You can also find Marley Natural products at other Golden State retailers.