Milo Mints Are Discreet, Delicious, And Infused With Weed

Pop some Milo Betta Mints for consistent and accurate dosing.

What if medicating with cannabis was as easy as popping a breath mint? Well, luckily for everyone down with the chronic, it is

Milo Mints––AKA tiny, breath-freshening, cannabis-infused "Betta Mints"––offer consumers a simple, light, and discreet AF edible experience. Not only do Milos not taste like marijuana plant matter (a common fault with "traditional" edibles such as brownies) they come in uniquely unconventional flavors such as açaí berry, raw matcha, and super berry. 

Available at dispensaries and cannabis retailers across Southern California, Milos CBD (non-psychoactive) and THC (psychoactive) infused mints also empower the consumer keen on consistent, accurate dosing. 

As you'll see in the images above, the mints kind of resemble dog food––but, like, in a cute way––and they're really the perfect means of medicating or elevating one's state of being while also keeping it on the DL. 

View some images of Milo above, or swing by one of their SoCal retailers and grab yourself a tin of these delightful treats.