Minimalism Meets Modern Smoking Accessories With Yew Yew

Welcome to the age of pipes doubling as art.

Who ever said smoking had to be complicated to be beautiful? While there’s a time and a place for elaborate bongs and MacGyver-esque pipes, there’s something to be said for elegant simplicity. Such is the case with Yew Yew, a smoking device company that takes a “modern and minimalist approach” to lighting up. With New York City-based prop stylist Jenny Wichman as the brainchild, the ceramic smoking devices are all style and no kitsch. And in a range of muted pastel tones, they look just as at home on a shelf of crystals as they do in your shoebox of weed swag. 

Reminiscent of a wedge of Gruyere, the blush triangular design looks more sculpture than pipe, and you could easily mistake the white half-circle pipe for a fancy saltshaker. Like the most-used pipes of our youth, they fit in the palm of your hand and can be stored discreetly in a purse or pocket. But unlike the char-filled pipes of our teenage years, you can leave these pipes in plain view without worrying what your mom will say. It doesn’t hurt either that they’re all made by hand, something everyone—and their mom—can appreciate. 

According to Wichman, “Yew Yew believes all smoking objects should be beautiful, well designed, and fit effortlessly into your lifestyle.” Now if we can just get the rest of our lives to look so casually gorgeous.

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