Pax Announces 2 New Vape Products for Technology Lovers

Now you can vape concentrates, yay.

Chances are if you smoke weed, you’re on board with PAX products. Those sleek, perfect vape pens are everywhere, and are easily concealed and even when revealed are so inconspicuous that the average muggle won’t get their panties in a wad and call you a “stoner.”

Now, the vape pen company, which seems to take pride on being on the cutting edge of weed technology, has announced two new, major products: Pax 3 and Pax Era.

Welcome Pax 3—the mega, over-the-top version of the classic Pax 2 comes with a few awesome updates. You’ll be able to use the pen to smoke oils and waxy concentrates, not just flowers. The new product will have faster heating and charging. A connected app is coming that will allow you to customize flavor and vapor volume (and it will include fun stuff like games, a lock, and LED colors). The pen will vibrate when it’s ready, and it will have an automatic standby/shut off mode.

It’s not surprising that the latest weed pen technology will be just as technologically sound as your phone, and of course, this version’s got cool new shiny colors that are sleek as shit.

Starting mid October, you can buy one for $274.99 and it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Pax knows you love the shit out of convenience, and they are here to capitalize on your need to chill/be lazy/have the best for your body. Err, at least, keep things light and eazy.

The Pax Era is a smaller, on-the-go, mini vape pen (looks like a USB plug) that uses pre-loaded cartridges. Perfect for tiny hits all around town, or if you’re say, climbing Mount Everest. Of course Pax ain't no dummy—you’ve got to purchase Pax Pods to use the little pen. So far, since the pods are real weed, you can only buy them in Colorado and California.

The smaller, sleeker, Pax Era is $59.99 and a pod will run you $40.

Seems like Pax is prepared for a bigger, and brighter future where just about anyone can vape any kind of weed they want—and perhaps, soon, anywhere they want. Not a bad bet, guys.

And, if you’re still stressed by these pricey weed toys, lucky for you, the good ol’ Pax 2 pen is only $199 now, and still does the job just fine.