PotBot MD Is The Virtual Budtender Of The Future

PotBot MD recommends strains to mmj patients, won't try to get you to checkout it's Phish cover band.

Today, a significant portion of our daily tasks are made more convenient through some sort of technologically augmented process. Mobile apps expedite everything from ordering dinner, to hailing a taxi, to walking your dog. Without such tech, most of us would be lost. Indeed, the weed world is also made that much more navigable by innovative technology.

Meet PotBot MD, your "virtual budtender." 

PotBot takes the symptoms and conditions provided by medical marijuana patients, and then can not only recommend a specific marijuana strain and consumption method to best meet the patient’s needs, but the digital weed tool can also clue the patient in as to where to procure said cannabis goods.

PotBot was developed as a means of streamlining the “silly process” of connecting medical marijuana patients with medical marijuana, according to co-founder David Goldstein.

After providing the desktop, iOS, or Android app with basic information––consumers choose from 37 different ailments, which range from Parkinson’s disease, to headaches, or Tourette syndrome––PotBot then analyzes the data in order to effectively recommend different cannabis strains, and consumption methods. After that, PotBot presents the user a map of local medical marijuana dispensaries offering said recommendations.

Goldstein, alongside his father/partner, is also currently developing BrainBot, a helmet that will measure patient reactions to marijuana, and Nanopot, a genetics evaluations system for cannabis strains. Goldstein hopes to someday pair BrainBot and PotBot, so that the two weed technologies may work together to empower mmj patients to use medical bud to its full potential.