Product Review: The Burn Box

If you love accessories, this box is for you.

Six years ago, Birchbox received millions of dollars in funding for their product subscription service. The idea is simple: You pay a subscription fee, and once a month a small box of product samples arrives at your doorstep for you to try. 

Birchbox became the ubiquitous name for this service. In the same way that "it's Uber, but for ___" became a catchphrase, a slew of other products aligned themselves with the "It's Birchbox for ___" strategy. There's now a Birchbox for men, dogs, hobbyists, shaving aficionados...the list goes on.

Enter BurnBox, a startup packaging marijuana paraphernalia and goodies and sending them discreetly to your door once a month. Although it's nothing new, it seems like a good connection for stoners: they're often forgetful and running out of essentials like lighters and rolling papers. A monthly package of weed accessories might save some trips to the smoke shop. 

BurnBox sent The KIND their April set and we eagerly ripped it open to reveal (hoped for) treasures within. 

BurnBox offers three levels of subscription: Super ($30/month), Stay Classy ($25), and Keep It Rollin' ($20). The price for each level goes down a smidge if you buy multiple months at a time. The biggest value comes from a year-long subscription. They sent The KIND the "Super" edition.

Just as it says on the site, BurnBox mails product discreetly. The selections ship in a regular old postal bag sent from "BB Co." Pulled out of the mailer, items are packed into a small, cardboard box with the BurnBox logo on the top flap and tissue paper stuffed in to keep all the goodies secure.

The box includes a product card explaining each of your items and any additional information those products may require. (For instance, this box contained an extra instruction card for the Monkey O's tool.)

So what'd the box come with? A rainbow spoon pipe, a Monkey O's toy (a red plastic device that kind of looks like a chillum, used for making smoke rings), a Save-A-Bowl band, Glass Jacks, two types of rolling papers, Cotton Mouth Candy (for curing cotton mouth, non-medicated), and BurnBox branded matches.

What's great about this box?

The clear winner is the pipe. Obviously glassware takes the lead in gifted wares, and this medium spoon pipe is a true delight. It's well-crafted, has a large chamber and adequate carb hole, a utilitarian flat bottom, and a glass/color design that really is fucking cool. This pipe would likely run you around $20 at any smoke shop; so there's 2/3 of the monthly fee right there.

The second cool thing in the box is the Save-A-Bowl band, which I just learned of. This rubber ring fits snugly over your pipe for those times you only smoke half a bowl and want to keep the rest for later. With the Save-A-Bowl band in place, the remainder of your weed won't spill out if the pipe rolls. An off-brand use is packing your bowl before leaving the house, throwing the band over the top, and confidently carrying the pipe around in your purse or pocket without fear of it spilling all over the place.

The papers (one pack of RAW and one of Three Castles) and matches are nice too. Those are items you're often misplacing or running out of. It never hurts to have extras on hand. The BurnBox matches are good quality. 

What's not-so-great about this box?

Unfortunately, some of the other "fun" items fell kind of flat. The biggest oddity is the Monkey O's toy. It looks like a noise-maker and is designed to help you blow perfect smoke rings. You inhale from your joint or pipe and then place the tip of the toy to your mouth to exhale. The thing is, it doesn't work very well. At least for me (to be fair, each time I tried, I got more and more stoned and then gave up). Even if it did work perfectly, isn't the cool thing about smoke rings that someone can do it all on their own? It's sometimes an impressive trick or a fun thing to teach someone. I can't really see why I'd want this thing around unless I were a teenager.

The box also came with Glass Jacks, tiny little jacks (you know, like the schoolyard game?) that sit in the hole of your pipe bowl to prevent ash from sucking through. It's a nice idea but the wee things are cumbersome to remove and replace when repacking bowls. Since they're so tiny, this product is an at-home-only kind of thing for me. 

Overall, BurnBox a nice little mix of just ~fun~ stuff. There's not much in the box that I'd be upset about missing. The dream is that each month is different with new items, some better than others. So take this review with a grain of salt regarding inventory.

Aside from the pipe, however, it seems like a handful of random low-cost things were just tossed in to fill it out. For $30 a month (at this level), I'd much prefer three or four items of higher quality or practicality. However, if you're the person who always throws impulse buys into your purchase at the smoke shop, then the lower-priced level might be perfect for you.