Pure Beauty Makes The Hottest Pre-Rolls In LA

What's pure, beautiful, and cheeky as all get-out? Wouldn't you like to know...

Sure, there are at least a million different pre-rolls currently available to Los Angeles consumers. It’s LA; people want to look cool and have the best of everything, while also being health-conscious and eco-savvy. When it comes to weed, though, many of us take a hard pass on rolling our own joints.

But who wouldn’t in this go-go, live-fast city?

Luckily, there is a pre-roll brand that caters to the on-the-go, upwardly mobile consumer, and even packs its joints in a fashionable Millennial-pink package: Pure Beauty. The LA-based seller of mini wizard sticks emphasizes high-quality, potent herb with a healthy dose of creativity and cultural awareness. And, according to Pure Beauty founders Tracy Anderson and Irwin Tobias Matutina, the concept came from a need to see a bold and contemporary brand fold humor into its packaging in the California marketplace.

"No one likes an a**hole, right?”

Though subtle, you’ll notice a specific design choice scattered throughout Pure Beauty’s products and social media channels. Two eyebrow-capped emoji eyes looking a tad astonished communicate the brand’s signature stamp of approval. Printed on each pre-rolled cigarette-lookalike, the cartoon eyes are a cheeky nod to LA's pixelated culture or a reminder to watch your stash—we'll leave it to you to interpret.

The Pure Beauty propaganda is designed to suggest the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously, says Matutina. “The last thing we want is to exclude people from experiencing the brand,” he told KINDLAND. “No one likes an a**hole, right?”

But before you go chiefing down a whole pack, take note that Pure Beauty’s flower is top-notch and highly potent. Designed for medicinal needs and active, daily recreational users, one hit might be all you need if you like to keep things light. And if you’re one of those old souls fighting to maintain dying traditions such as rolling joints and reading, don’t despair. Pure Beauty also peddles jars of high-quality cannabis flower that are just waiting for your little fingers to roll into something beautiful.