Science Now Knows How Fat Your Joint Should Be

Drug policy researchers say a typical Jay-Bird weighs 0.32 grams.

When you twist up, how much do you twist up? Do you smoke skinny pinners? Or fat blunts? Is your joint a robust wizard's staff, or a kiss-it-and-kill-it piece of afternoon delight? 

Drug policy researchers say a typical Jay-Bird weighs 0.32 grams. Knowing that information is crucial to forming sensible policy, and continuing a mature and informed cannabis conversation. 

From the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence

"We estimate that the mean weight of marijuana in a joint is 0.32 g. These estimates can be incorporated into drug policy discussions to produce better understanding about illicit marijuana markets, the size of potential legalized marijuana markets, and health and behavior outcomes."

The weed-research arrived at its numbers by analyzing data collected from more than 10,000 "marijuana transactions, joints and loose marijuana purchases, including the city in which the purchase occurred and the price paid for the marijuana;" as described by people arrested on drug charges. 

Previous studies have come to varying, usually heavier conclusions. And a joint is of course, only one of many ways to consume cannabis: A dab of THC concentrate weighing even less than one-third of a gram might still get the consumer more stoned than if they blazed an entire gram joint to their dome. But it is still important to have some kind of standards

On another level, if the "marijuana breathalyzer" ever actually arrives in reality, what unit of measurement will police use to determine whether someone is too high to be driving?  

As the Washington Post points out, this weighty finding is also indicative of the economics of getting blazed: "Highly potent weed—18 percent THC content—is being sold legally in Washington at about $95 dollars an ounce. There are 28 grams in an ounce. So that ounce could be turned into roughly 84 joints." 

Weed goes farther, and is more cost effective than harder drugs. Cocaine is usually sold at around $100/gram––which can be consumed in about four lines. 

Not all joints will weigh the same, nor will they contain the same chronic inside of them. But findings such as this prove that the more we study weed, the more we will learn about it. Except when we don't.