Select Social Vape Pens Are Here Just In Time For The Holiday Season

De-stressing the discreet way.

There are plenty of reasons to be anxious during the holidays—crowded malls, pestering relatives, hectic schedules. But thanks to the recently debuted Social line of vape pens from Select Oil—based in Oregon, California and Nevada—you needn't worry that all of the holiday gatherings and family time will have you toning down your herb habit. 

Here’s the deal. Select Oil's collection of candy-colored, low-dose "Social" vaporizer pens comes in four flavors—strawberry, watermelon, blueberry, and vanilla––which taste great and oh-so-conveniently mask the familiar (and sometimes troublesome) weed smell. This incognito feature makes the Social collection ideal for cannabis users keen to keep their usage on the DL. And with an average THC content of 25 percent or lower, the pens deliver a subtle high that will help you power through the most awkward human interactions. 

Without sugar coating it: If you're not into artificial fruit flavors, these pens are simply not for you. The watermelon and blueberry flavors in particular bring back memories of blue tongues and pillowcases overstuffed with Halloween candy, but certainly steal the spotlight from the terpene-influenced flavor profiles that occur naturally in cannabis products. 

That said, you can get super into the holiday spirit by swooping a limited edition peppermint-flavored vape pen (pictured above). Similar to the fruity pens, they test at about 30 percent THC, so you'll have that same gentle buzz. The only difference is these North Pole inspired sticks are available for the holiday season only.  

No matter which pen you choose, don’t worry about charging, lighting, rolling, or loading; the pens are easy to use and ready to go as soon as you pull them out of the box. You can pick up all four flavors through a variety of dispensaries and delivery services in Oregon and California. So, when you embark on a gift shopping mission this season, don’t forget to include yourself on the list. 

Pro tip: Store the Select Social collection in your makeup bag when traveling and no one will be able to tell the difference between your stress-relieving weed pens and, say, your eyeliner pencils. And dudes—just be chill, store your pens in a nondescript backpack pocket, and hope for the best. Happy holidays, y'all.