Switzerland: Get Your CBD Cigarettes At The Supermarket

You can even buy the weedy goods at the grocery store.

Swiss supermarket chain Coop will begin selling hemp and high-CBD marijuana cigarettes later this month. The cigarettes’ main draw––weed high in cannabidiol, or the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, is commonly used in treating anxiety and for pain-relief––is also totally legal, as Switzerland legalized low-potency weed (less than 0.2 percent) in 2011, and reportedly supports a cannabis market worth 100 million francs.

Heimat, the long-time tobacco manufacturer behind the new product, says the CBD-cigarettes will retail for around $20-per-pack. For context, a traditional pack of cigarettes is about half of that. While a representative from Coop told USA Today that “there is big demand for hemp products,” which is the rationale for the supermarket chain to carry and slang the weedy product.

“This cigarette is more expensive because cannabis costs a lot more than tobacco,” said Bjoern Koch, Heimat’s marketing head said to USA Today. “From this perspective, our cigarettes are sold at a low price.”

In the United States, CBD is sold in everything from oils and tinctures, to pet products, to various cannabis strains high in the marijuana compound.