The 5 Coolest Cannabis Products at the Concentrates Cup

Edibles, smokables, topicals and more.

This past weekend, I ventured forth to San Bernardino, California, the birthplace of the Hells Angels, and the promised land of all things green and good due to the presence of the High Times Concentrates Cup at the National Orange Show Events Center. I arrived on a mission to secure a higher education on up-and-coming products in the cannabis community.

Here is a cross section of merchandise I came across, products that are fittingly described as a hybrid of bizarre and awesome.

Cannariginals “Emu Glue” isn’t your run-of-the mill adhesive. Emu Glue is a topical healing gel that you can rub on your skin to quickly feel the healing properties of the marijuana-infused lotion. The benefits include anti-inflammatory properties, relaxation, and relief from discomfort of various conditions on the surface of the skin and beneath. The product is infused with pure CBD oil and delivers the medication transdermally to the blood-stream for fast-acting results.

Canna Pearls by Cannamx is a unique product that is the first of its kind as both an edible and vape-able form of concentrated THC. The pearls are a non-liquid vaping extract that eliminates leakage and melting. 

Tony Z, accountant executive for Cannamx tells The KIND, “Two years of crafting this product. It is 100 percent organic, cruelty-free, lab-tested, and certified. It is the only known cannabis medication that you can eat or vape. Patients need not wait any longer. The next step in the cannabis revolution is here.”

Jay’s Concentrates had some of the strongest concentrate products I've ever experienced at the Cup. Jay's offered some surprisingly smooth moonrocks that attendees were eagerly sampling out of the six-foot bong on site. If you can handle your high, these were worth a try. The moon rocks come in a variety of strains and strengths. All consist of flower, kief, and oil concentrate.

Medi Mudd pourable cannabis syrup is a brand-new way to experience your high. Just be careful with how much you pour. It tastes good, but the stuff is potent. Medi Mudd is a THC-infused liquid that can be mixed with your drink of choice. You can add some flavor to your soda, water, coffee, or even add it to alcohol for enhanced experience that only has a slightly elevated chance of leading to boozy disaster. 

Vegan Buddha was my personal favorite booth at the Cannabis Cup. The company bases its growing philosophy in ethical and organic production (a lot less common practice than you’d think). 

Shayna from Vegan Buddha tells The KIND a little about their line: “There’s no fish emulsions or guano (bat poop) used in our production, like a lot of other big companies do. It’s basically quality farm-to-table weed.” 

In addition to potent strains and clean concentrates, the booth was also full of trippy art Vegan Buddha had on display to enhance the experience. The name of the company comes from its best-selling hash product, a water-based, butane free wax they call, you guessed it, Vegan Buddha.