The Dipper Dab Pen Lets You Dab Wherever You May Be

This new deal from Dipstick Vapes is 'like a nectar collector and a dab pen all in one.'

In the last half decade or so, dabbing has become the go-to method for efficacious cannabis consumption. But the process of vaporizing marijuana concentrates can be messy, difficult-to-master, and usually requires quite a bit of additional tools and materials beyond just weed, a lighter, and a large lung capacity. 

Surely, the market demand for new products that enable users to deliver highly potent extracts unto their endocannabinoid systems has spurred significant growth in this industry sector. Even more so, a growing number of consumers seek devices that empower that lit-off-wax vibe while on the go. From e-nails to sex-feels-inducing vibrating vape pens, to phone cases that charge your vape in-tow with your phone, this demand is veritably being met by a diverse bevy of producers. Still, there's plenty of space for newcomers and increased competition within the weed-vape space.

Enter the Dipper, from Dipstick Vapes brand. This portable vaporizer device combines the ease-of-use of a vape pen, and the weedy punch of a traditional dab. 

Dipstick's Dipper is multi-functional. Users load wax into the pen's straw, press a button on the battery as if it were a traditional vape-pen, but when the user inhales, the experience is more akin to a dab taken using a rig and a torch. Though regular vape functionality is also made possible using the device and just requires one to switch out the Dipper's atomizer. 

"The Dipper [sic] is transformative––finally an effective, socially acceptable way to dab! Good for the consumer, good for the cause," reads a reigning endorsement on the brand's website from Steve DeAngelo, owner of Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California, and one of the weed world's most recognizable and arguably influential personalities.

However, if you're looking to scoop one of these for yourself, your squad, or a 420-friendly significant other, be ready to drop some cheddar. The Dipper retails at $150––a price point that is significantly higher than similar devices people use to get high. 

So, if you're reading this, Dipstick Vapes, please send one to KINDLAND in downtown Los Angeles. Just kidding.  No, but seriously we want one.