The Face of the Modern Cannabis Consumer Is Young, Rich and Label-Conscious

And the lazy, loner stoner is being left in the dust.

The new weed buyer spends a lot of money on “branded” cannabis and couldn't care less about the price, says a recently published study done by New York-based consulting agency Miner & Co. Nearly 90 percent of the Weed World’s young adult demographic doesn’t even smoke simply to get high––instead, most millennial marijuana consumption is to self-medication for mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. The modern cannabis consumer also cares more about quality and consistency of effects elicited.

From Miner & Co’s study:

“These Cannabis Consumers are active buyers with money to spend. 65 percent make more than $75,000 per year and more than 90 percent are at least somewhat familiar with, and interested in, learning more about various products, strains and different types of highs, portions and dosages. . . 88 percent consider themselves part of a new cannabis culture––identifying as social, sophisticated and professional individuals rather than lazy loners.”

The self-identification as being more than just potheads, runs parallel with normalization efforts to promote marijuana as medicine and as an engine of a social revolution. Of the 800 participants, 90 percent said that weed is part of their respective daily wellness regimen, while the study found 93 percent consuming cannabis at least once-per-week.

The study also cites that more than 20 percent of the country now has access to legal marijuana, and a majority of participants said that product packaging, and brand recognition drives much of their purchasing. ​

To be clear, the 800 subjects of the Miner research were all selected because they had previously bought a branded cannabis product—so the respondents do form a tight, little cohort predisposed to shopping by trademark.